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Investor relations

The Investor Relations tab is a space created for shareholders, investors and capital market analysts. Here you will find current information about DuoLife shareholding structure and authorities as well as all investor materials.

We invite investors interested in effectively building the long-term value of their asset portfolio based on mutual trust, honesty and respect.

Company history

October 2012 - establishment of the company Royal Concept Sp. z o.o.

January 2013 - change of name to Galeria Usług Sp. z o.o.

October 2013 - debut of the innovative dietary supplement DuoLife Day and Night

September 2014 - opening of the company's own headquarters in Więckowice

September 2014 - implementation of the DuoLife Medical Formula line

October 2014 - change of name to DuoLife Sp. z o.o.

January 2015 - organization of the first Business Development Seminars and Leadership Development Seminars events

January 2015 - opening of the DuoLife Fleet Program

December 2015 - establishing the Fundacja na Rzecz Świadomego Życia (current name - World Healthy Living Foundation), which initiated the Social Campaign "I Live my Life Consciously"

January 2016 - establishment of Personal Excellence Network Sp. z o.o., aimed at promoting business and development knowledge through training

May 2016 - DuoLife Liquid Formula line extension

September 2016 - transformation of DuoLife Sp. z o.o. into DuoLife S.A.

March 2017 - opening a subsidiary on the German market - DuoLife Europe GmbH

April 2017 - initiation of a new line of cleaning products under the Piurif brand

February 2018 - fire at the seat of the DuoLife company in Więckowice

May 2018 - opening of a subsidiary on the Italian market for the distribution of DuoLife products and customer service - DuoLife Italia Srl

July 2018 - DuoLife Natural Kids Formula line extension

September 2018 - opening of a subsidiary on the Ukrainian market for the distribution of DuoLife products and customer service - DuoLife UKR

December 2018 - launch of the new Hi5 functional food line! (Hi5! beeSnap and Hi5! beeCrunchy bars)

February 2019 - DuoLife Clinical Formula line extension

June 2019 - initiation of the DuoYacht project by purchasing a luxury catamaran to promote the brand and short-term rental

October 2020 - initiation of the DuoVita Smart Apartments project - exclusive apartments in Wisła, by the special purpose company Goverby Investments Sp. z o.o. SKA

November 2019 - purchase of shares in the company Centrum Medicum Poland Sp. z o.o. - cosmetics factory in Łódź

December 2019 - implementation of the new DuoLife Beauty Care cosmetic line

May 2020 - purchase of shares in the company SBB AUTO Sp. z o.o. and the opening of a new line of business related to car sales

August 2020 - completion of the renovation of the company's headquarters in Więckowice

November 2020 - opening of a subsidiary on the Russian market for the distribution of DuoLife products and customer service - DuoLife RUS

November 2020 - implementation of a new premium LAZIZAL cosmetic line

December 2020 - premiere of the new SHAPE CODE brand

March 2021 r. - premiere of the new product DuoLife Clinical Formula ProBactilardii

June 2021 - SHAPE CODE Protein Shake premiere

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