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Do you have any questions or concerns? Would you like to talk with us? We are at your disposal.
  • DuoLife S.A.
  • ul. Topolowa 22, 32-082 Więckowice
    National Register of Economic Units: 122746305
    National Court Register: 0000638495

  • Account for payments for orders:
    Alior Bank S.A

    PL 51 2490 0005 0000 4600 2197 0978
    (when sending a transfer enter your order number in transfer title)
  • Account for payments for orders executed in EURO:
    Alior Bank S.A

    PL 10 2490 0005 0000 4600 9874 1396
    (when sending a transfer enter your order number in transfer title)
  • Account to pay for the tickets for seminars:
    Alior Bank S.A

    PL 13 2490 0005 0000 4600 9074 2334
    (when sending a transfer enter your order/ticket number in transfer title)
  • Helpline for representatives
    (open Mon.-Fri, from 9.00-16.00)
    tel.: +48 123334567
  • Complaints
    mail: reklamacje@myduolife.com
  • Compliance - department of quality control
    To ensure the highest level of support for Club Members and clients of the company DuoLife please send to the address compliance@duolife.eu all matters connected with violation of rules, procedures, and regulations, as well as the broader ethics, which we are lead by in DuoLife the Club.
  • The Bureau of the Board
    (open Mon.-Fri, from 9.00-16.00)
    tel.: 123334554
    mail: info@duolife.eu
  • The General page duolife.eu
  • Let your every day be special...