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Sobiesław Zasada Automotive

Mercedes-Benz Sobieslaw Zasada, a dealer that sells some of the most exclusive car makes in the world, has chosen DuoLife due to the top quality products that can be recommended to its customers.

Mercedes-Benz Sobiesław Zasada Automotive has also appointed DuoLife as its strategic partner in the “Paliwo dla Twojego organizmu” [Fuel for Your Body] campaign. We are the only Polish company which can closely cooperate with Mercedes-Benz Sobiesław Zasada Automotive, a brand renowned for its top quality and special care for the products offered to its customers.

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Dealer Audi Porsche Rybnik

The market leader and official car dealer of the prestigious Audi and Porsche brands has been cooperating with DuoLife since May 2021. What both companies have in common is the highest degree of professionalism and the desire to create the best possible conditions for cooperation for their Partners.

Thanks to the joint activities of DuoLife and Dealer Audi Porsche Rybnik, DuoLife Club Members can take advantage of great offers of Audi cars, which are well-known and enjoy great reputation all around the world. The brand recognized for its characteristic four intertwining rings in the logo offers the highest quality, unique design, reliability and maximum safety. Competent and professional customer service at Dealer Audi Porsche Rybnik, in turn, guarantees full satisfaction.

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Polish Basketball Association

In 2021, DuoLife and Polish basketball, represented by the Polish Basketball Association, started to cooperate in various areas. DuoLife supports professional and amateur basketball players in supplementation and health care, and opens the door to softmarketing® for Polish basketball. Due to the joint efforts, the basketball community is growing very rapidly.

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In 2015, DuoLife became the Official Dietary Supplement of the Cracovia football club.

We are trusted by one of the most recognised and awarded Polish Football Premier League clubs and the oldest continuously existing football club in Poland. Yet another proof that the products we offer meet the highest quality standards.

It is a privilege for our brand to provide supplementation for Cracovia players, including representatives of the national team.

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PZN – Polish Ski Association

15 Olympic medals, 31 Senior World Championships, 10 Crystal Globes and a great deal of excitement and fun for spectators all over Poland. Adam Małysz, Kamil Stoch, Justyna Kowalczyk – there is no need to explain who they are. We are proud that DuoLife is trusted by the best.

DuoLife has joined the Polish Ski Association and has become the Official Supplement Supplier for PZN, a Polish national federation that has been supporting the development of ski jumpers, cross-country skiers, Nordic combined skiers, alpine skiers and snowboarders for 100 years. The choice of DuoLife products embodies loyalty and trust towards the brand.

Professional athletes, and in particular their dieticians and coaches, definitely go for top quality products. The products support the development of the athletes and help them achieve continuous success.

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Energa AZS Koszalin

Women’s top handball league. We love working with Energetyczne: the talented Koszalin girls keep winning! The team of Anita Unijat supported by the experienced coach Waldemar Szafulski is moving up the standings with more and more confidence. In 2016, Paula Mazurek, Romana Roszak, Paulina Tracz and Adrianna Nowicka – current players of Energa AZS Koszalin – won a bronze medal with the Polish National Team at the World University Handball Championships in Malaga. The Koszalin team also includes Tamara Smbatian who was wawrded the title of the best player of the Ukrainian top league in the 2013/2014 season.

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MŠK Žilina

Slovak football club with over a century-old history. Six-time Slovak Champion. Four-time winner of the Slovak Super Cup. It relies on a perfectly qualified coaching staff. Internationally, it is said that MŠK Žilina raises the successors of the Slovak football stars. Some of the notable players of the club are Jaroslav Mihalík (known as a great talent in Polish football circles, temporarily moved from Polish Cracovia to Žilina), László Bénes (a current player of Borussia Mönchengladbach), and above all Milan Škriniar (a defender in the Italian Inter Milan), just to mention a few.

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FC Banik Ostrava

Established in 1922, Banik is a club with a rich history and great traditions. A huge community of its fans is considered to be most faithful and loyal in the whole Europe. Banik is also famous for its excellent training of world’s top football players. Milan Baros, Vaclav Sverkos, Tomas Galasek and Libor Sionko, players of the Czech national team and leading European clubs, started their sports career here.

Some of the greatest successes of Banik Ostrava include: Czech Championship (2004), Czechoslovak Championship (1976, 1980, 1981), Czech Cup (2005), Czechoslovak Cup (1973, 1978, 1991), Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final (1979), European Cup quarter-final (1981), and UEFA Cup quarter-final (1975).

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GKS Bełchatów

GKS Bełchatów is a recognized club in Polish football, which has fostered a number of respected players, including a few national team players. Vice-champion of Poland, two-time Polish Cup finalist, finalist of the Polish Football Premier League Cup, and player of the UEFA Cup – these are the key achievements of this mining club existing since 1977. GKS Bełchatów, a multiple player of Polish Football Premier League matches, is currently playing in Fortuna 1. League.

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SK Senica

FK Senica is one of the oldest Slovak football clubs with fine traditions. Its greatest achievements include two national vice-championships and advancing to the finals of the Slovak Cup twice. Over the years, many renowned players represented the club, including Lukas Tesak, Samuel Mraz, Erik Cikos, Robert Mazan and Jaroslav Cerny.

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“Iceskater” Association for the Promotion of Sports and Physical Activity

The Iceskater association has been popularising synchronised skating and raising the best skaters in the country for many years. It runs a skating school, a skating club and the Ice Fire team, which bring attract many ice sports lovers. The aim of the association is to train children, youth and adults in synchronised skating. It provides both amateur and professional training.

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