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Certificates and awards

The DUOLIFE brand has been awarded many times.

Feel free to read about the prizes and gratuities that confirm the highest quality and performance of our products.

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Green Certificate

The program, which was created to support and motivate entrepreneurs interested in adapting their products, services and process lines to the high environmental standards in force in the EU. It is an important pro-environmental program that consistently promotes entrepreneurs involved in matters of the products’ ecological safety. It is addressed to entrepreneurs who are guided by the principles of ecology in their production process, and the products they make meet the criteria of the highest quality. It gives the consumer a certificate that the products and services awarded with this distinction are made with the environment in mind.

EU Best Quality Guarantee Certificate

There are over 600 participants during the Congress, and the official Quality of the Year ceremony takes place. The only such event in Poland gathers representatives of business, science and local governments. We have been congratulated on receiving this award in an official letter by the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, who appreciated the contribution to the economy and the values that drive the awarded companies. Quality of the Year is one of the most prestigious awards granted to recognised companies.

GMO-free Quality Certificate

A company may only receive this certificate if no genetically modified ingredients have been used at any of the production and processing stages, and when the final product is free of them. The GMO-FREE QUALITY CERTIFICATE is an objective proof that products are 100% free of genetically modified ingredients.

European Highest Quality Guarantee

The European Best Quality Guarantee Certificate is one of the most elite programs based on the new EU Directives on quality systems, ISO standards, procedures related to management systems and quality. Winner of the European Best Quality Guarantee Certificate, DUOLIFE S.A. is a modern and competitive entrepreneur, both on domestic and foreign markets.

Safety Certificate

The Safety Certificate mark is awarded by a highly qualified team in an impartial and reliable certification process. The Safety Certificate is an expression of the people’s trust in an institution that protects their life and property, as well as proof of consumer's trust in a manufacturer or service provider, expressed by purchasing a product or using a service.

Cruelty Free

Products recognised by PETA as "cruelty-free" are brands that are on the reliable list of companies that do no animal testing. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an international non-profit organisation and the world's largest body dealing with animal rights. DUOLIFE’s official presence on the Cruelty-Free brand list is another proof of our 100% compliance with nature.

Viva V

Within the scope of its activities, the Viva! Foundation certifies vegan products by awarding them the V mark. The V mark confirms that the product is free of animal and animal-derived ingredients and does not contain palm oil. It also guarantees that the products are not tested on animals.

HACCP Certificate

The certificate of the European Centre of Quality and Promotion is awarded to companies that have implemented the HACCP System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System), which allows for the management of food safety and the elimination of hazards occurring during all stages of food production and distribution. The award of the certificate means that the company’s products, with the HACCP System in place, are safe and meet the legal requirements for the free movement of goods in the European Union. The certificate is issued for 3 years. Once it is awarded, the company is subject to detailed surveillance audits, which further confirm that it meets the requirements in place during the award.

ECJIP ISO22000 Certificate

The Certificate of the European Centre of Quality and Promotion ISO22000 is awarded by a highly qualified team in an impartial and reliable certification process. The distinction from the European Centre of Quality and Promotion gives the Clients information that DUOLIFE products, used in accordance with the principles of supplementation, act in the service of human life and health. The aim of the ECJIP Programs is to select the elite among the businesses offering the highest-quality products and services on the EU market, distinguished by their pro-environmental and pro-health activities and guaranteeing high safety standards.

Certificate of the European Centre for Quality and Promotion ISO 9001

The Certificate of the European Centre for Quality and Promotion ISO 9001 is an international honour characterising the best organised quality management systems in an organisation. Companies that receive this prestigious award have to meet eight restrictive standards, which include: customer focus, effective Leadership directing development appropriately, high commitment of those building the organisation, proper and systemic approach, high process quality, analytical approach to decision-making, creating favourable relations with materials’ suppliers and service providers, and continuous improvement of the organisation to carry out effective processes.

SPA Prestige Awards 2017 Recommendation

SPA Prestige Awards 2017, the organiser of the most prestigious competitions in the SPA & WELLNESS sector, recommended DUOLIFE Collagen as the highest-quality product that meets all the customers’ expectations and a leading supplement of a trustworthy brand. The references given by the SPA Prestige Awards 2017 provide reliable information for all beauty salons, studios, hotels, SPA and aesthetic medicine parlours, whose clients value the highest quality of services and products. DUOLIFE Collagen has been recognised for its unique recipe based only on natural, certified ingredients.

Quality of the Year 2021

The Quality of the Year emblem is awarded by the Qualitas Foundation – European Centre for the Promotion of Good Business Practices. The award is given to companies that stand out for their reliability, transparency, and impeccable reputation among Customers and Business Partners. The award of the certificate confirms that the company offers the highest quality service and operates in accordance with all applicable standards.

Quality of the Year also proves that DUOLIFE is a company that enjoys great trust among a wide range of customers who appreciate the highest quality of the products. The Quality of the Year emblem is one of the most prestigious awards granted to recognised companies.

Reliable Company Certificate

The Reliable Company program is targeted to entrepreneurs who want to show that reliability and honesty in business is most important to them. It facilitates building a positive image of the company based on its reliability and solvency. Participants in the program receive a Certificate of Reliability, which confirms the absence of unpaid obligations listed in Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG SA.

The certificate is issued in traditional form and in electronic form that is updated on a regular basis and available online. It provides objective information about the reliability and solvency of the company.