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Supporting business on three pillars
which are the biggest world trends

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Our business model
- SoftMarketingTM

We have been observing dynamic changes occurring in the economy for some time now. Its present shape is influenced by a rapid technological and IT communication development which significantly makes both work and everyday life easier.

The world becomes more and more uniform, borders or limits have practically vanished, and common currency, law and regulations greatly support this process. The world is considered the Global Village, and a relatively new concept of the New Economy may derive from this fact.

Organizational structures in companies are getting short, and it is more difficult for workers to be promoted. Experts indicate that people will change jobs every 4-5 years, and every 7 years on average they will even change their occupation. This is the reason why the concept McJob came into being. Business, management, marketing and economics have changed dramatically.

In 2014 Robert D. Hof wrote for Business Week that, “All we thought we knew about business, is now questioned".

On one hand, as far as the economy is concerned, such a situation is a big chance, but on the other hand, it is a big challenge, as the word “competition” has been gaining a new meaning. This makes the experts look for new and better solutions, allowing every person to generate income, and yet maintain a healthy lifestyle. A crucial matter is to find such a way of earning which provides the long-term safety.

Evolution of business thinking

For many years now we have known such solutions as the classical management and corporate business, franchising or multi-level marketing. Even though all of them have advantages, their disadvantages seem to be even more serious nowadays. Out of this new reality SoftMarketing™ has emerged as a revolution in business thinking. This model joins the best practices derived from the mentioned types of business but eliminates their weaknesses.

SoftMarketing™, considered the business of the 21st and even the 22nd century, is the answer to the requirements of a dynamically changing market and it is the alternative for of businesses owners and full-time workers.

For businessmen it is often a chance to expand the activity within the basic profile. For both groups it can be a source of additional or main, stable income, without the need to resign from previous jobs/occupation, and additionally, it requires neither new employees, nor huge financial expenses.

The main principles
of SoftMarketing™ in DUOLIFE

Wellness industry displays approx. 30% increase annually

DUOLIFE, operating upon SoftMarketing™, is developing more quickly, attracting people from different walks of life and with different financial status. Numerous successes achieved by people who cooperate with DUOLIFE prove that the model is effective.

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