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Board of directors and
supervisory board

DUOLIFE Board of Directors consists of people
whose true passion is their company.

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If you choose a job that you love,
you will never have to work a day in your life.

They firmly claim that if you choose a job that you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

They combined their hobbies and passions and made them into business based on a solid foundation, creating a model of SoftMarketingTM that has not been seen before.

That is why they most often appear among people, Club Members and employees, with whom they are building the future of the company.

Following clearly defined rules and persistently achieving their goals, the members of DUOLIFE Board of Directors prove that if you find courage to take appropriate steps, you can easily improve both the style and standard of your life.

DUOLIFE Board of Directors

Created by people with passion, for whom business has many faces

Bartosz Królikowski
President of the Board

Bartosz Królikowski has held the President of the Board position since the very beginning of DUOLIFE existence. In order to improve the functioning of DUOLIFE, he derives from many years of experience, acquired while working in some of the biggest corporations and from being a co-owner, member of the board and managing director of Polish companies.

Some of his functions within the company include, controlling finances and making decisions involving various issues considering the Key Partners.

Łukasz Godyń
Vice-President of the Board

After nearly three years of working as a Marketing Director in the company, in 2016 Łukasz Godyń became a member of DUOLIFE Board of Directors.

He used his enthusiasm and experience in working with people and creating and applying successful marketing strategies to build DUOLIFE brand, which is now extremely successful.

By introducing and coordinating DUOLIFE marketing strategies he significantly contributed to the company’s growth in Poland and in many other countries in the world.

DUOLIFE Supervisory Board

Experience and knowledge turned into improving DUOLIFE ideas

Norbert Janeczek
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Norbert Janeczek derived from his long-lasting business experience to create the idea of SoftMarketing – one of the pillars, upon which DUOLIFE built its success.

He is responsible for developing the distribution network and decides about matters concerning long-term cooperation between DUOLIFE and numerous business entities.

His passion for healthy and conscious lifestyle made him launch the Polish Social Campaign “I Live My Life Consciously”, organized by “Żyj Świadomie” [Live Your Life Consciously] Foundation.

Piotr Pacyga
Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Piotr Pacyga spends most of his time perfecting the system which is the main working tool for both DUOLIFE Club Members and the employees. Working with some of the best programmers and graphic designers, he introduces new functions which not only assist yet faster and more efficient business building but also help to achieve the planned goals, making sure that unnecessary actions are cut to an absolute minimum.

Piotr also assists the Leaders from Poland and Europe, by providing numerous training courses, workshops and seminars.

Piotr Kardasz MD, PhD
Member of the Supervisory Board

Piotr Kardasz MD, PhD, along with DUOLIFE Scientific Council which he chairs, drawing from his long-standing scientific experience and his extensive knowledge, has created the innovative line of DUOLIFE dietary supplements.

In recognition of his achievements, and his three-year experience in creating and perfecting DUOLIFE products, dr Piotr Kardasz became a member of the Supervisory Board.

He also plays an important role in Polish Social Campaign “I Live My Life Consciously”, as one of its main speakers.

Ludwik Sobolewski
Member of the Supervisory Board

Doctor of law, President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (2006-2013) and General Director of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (2013-2017).

An outstanding specialist on the capital market, who for his achievements was awarded the Knight's Cross Medal of the of Polonia Restituta (2000) and Officer's Cross Medal of the Polonia Restituta (2001).

Production Company

Top class project – almost 5500 m2 area,
near Bielsko-Biała

Jarosław Rozmus
President of the Board of Symbiotics Sp. z o.o.
co-creator / co-funder

Jagiellonian University graduate. An entrepreneur with many years of experience in the field of pharmacology and medicine.

The President of the Board of EkaMedica Sp. z o.o. Sp.k, the President of the Board of Symbiotics Sp. z o.o., the owner of more than a dozen product brands including EkaMedica Brand - Natural Equals Healthy, which has been present in the Polish and world markets since 2003. EkaMedica produces innovative dietary supplements and dietary foods for special purposes on the global scale.

Recently the EkaMedica brand has received many awards.


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