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Investor relations

The Investor Relations tab is a space created for shareholders, investors and capital market analysts. Here you will find current information about DuoLife shareholding structure and authorities as well as all investor materials.

We invite investors interested in effectively building the long-term value of their asset portfolio based on mutual trust, honesty and respect.


DuoLife S.A.

ul. Topolowa 22

32-082 Więckowice

Tax Id Number: 6751485320

REGON: 122746305

Share capital: 110 565.40 zł

KRS: 0000638495

BDO: 000006920

Director of Capital Investments
DuoLife S.A.
Patrycja Kupiecka

Tel. 504 407 400

Investor Service Office

Tel. 534 677 219

E-mail: [email protected]