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product code: DLPAPMCH0101NP

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is a perfectly selected composition of products supporting the functioning of the body and it is adapted to the circadian rhythm.

• with information about the general indication
• the recommended method of consumption
• with the recommended supplementation time
• with dietary recommendations and a 7-day diet

The diet was developed by a clinical dietitian and personal trainer. It contains detailed information on the proper nutrition and recommended food products. In addition, it is enriched with a shopping list for the whole week and allows easy adjustment to individual caloric needs.

Let your body work like clockwork.

Cholesterol is vital for proper functioning of the body. Unfortunately, LDL, referred to as ‘bad’ cholesterol, most often accumulates in our bodies. Cholesterol is the building block for cell membranes and it is involved in producing hormones. Moreover, it is crucial for the production and absorption of vitamin D. Too high level of LDL (bad cholesterol), as opposed to HDL (‘good’) level, causes the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, which can threaten your health and even life. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate and control the cholesterol level in the blood in order to maintain proper function of the body. This is supported by the components included in the Metabolism Cholesterol Set.


8:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Day before a meal
8:30 – 2 capsules of ProSelect Medical Formula and 20 ml of Chlorophyll DuoLife
10:00 – 2 capsules of ProDeacid Medical Formula
14:00 – 5 ml of RegenOil Liquid Gold + 2 capsules of ProCholterol Medical Formula
19:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Night before a meal*

The Pack includes:

1pc. - ProCholterol (60 capsules),
1pc. - ProSelect (60 capsules),
1pc. - ProDeacid (60 capsules),
1pc.- Chlorophyll (750 ml),
1pc.- DuoLife Day and Night (Day 750 ml + Night 750 ml),
1pc. - RegenOil Liquid Gold (250 ml)

Do you need to know more?
Good and bad cholesterol. These terms have become quite popular recently. Cholesterol gained a bad reputation and is mainly associated with restrictive diets. What is it like actually? What is the difference between a bad and a good one?

These commonly used terms originate from the lipoproteins present in blood plasma. These components are a combination of fat and protein molecules. Cholesterol can be transported in this form. The LDL fraction differs in composition and function from the HDL fraction. LDL is a fraction with low-density lipoproteins whose task is to deliver cholesterol to peripheral tissues. While HDL is high-density lipoprotein which transports cholesterol from tissue cells to the liver in order to be reused or released. That is why, it is recommended to keep the level of LDL cholesterol low while the level of HDL should be higher.

* The product should be taken before the evening meal. The proposed schedule gives the approximate time

** Recommended period of supplementation: 3 months.

*** One pack, when used on a regular basis by one adult, is enough for about 1 month.