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DUOLIFE Eye Health pack

product code: DLPAPWZR0102NP

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DUOLIFE Eye Health pack features a carefully selected composition of products supporting the proper functioning of the body, adjusted to its daily rhythm. It comes with a supplementary set of information prepared by specialists, containing general information, recommended use and recommended time for supplementation.

DUOLIFE Eye Health pack
To support your body throughout the day

DUOLIFE Eye Health pack features a carefully selected composition of products supporting the proper functioning of the body, adjusted to its daily rhythm. It comes with a supplementary set of information prepared by specialists, containing:

general information;
recommended use;
recommended times for supplementation,

We learn about the world around us through our senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. Losing just one of them would mean being cut off from the abundance of information. The most important of the senses for people is sight. Eyes receives almost 90% of incoming information. They are, therefore, an extremely important sensory organ. Currently the organ of sight is exposed to rapid changes resulting, among other things, from fast technological progress, hours spent on working at a computer, following a TV screen or mobile phone screen, working in rooms with poor lighting and increasing amounts of pollution from the external environment. The result can be problems with proper vision process and a feeling of discomfort, inadequate lubrication of the eye, fatigue and dark circles under one’s eyes.

The Eye Health functional pack contains*:

1 x DUOLIFE Vita C;
1 x DUOLIFE Collagen;
1 x DUOLIFE Day and Night set;
1 x DUOLIFE RegenOil Liquid Gold®;
1 x ProOptical®.

Recommended use of the food supplements from the Eye Health Pack**:

In the morning:
DUOLIFE Vita C – 25 ml before breakfast;
DUOLIFE Day – 25 ml with breakfast;
DUOLIFE RegenOil Liquid Gold® – 5 ml with breakfast – can be added to lunch or salad.
Lunch time:
ProOptical® – 1 capsule before breakfast.
In the evening:
DUOLIFE Collagen – 25 ml before supper;
DUOLIFE Night – 25 ml with meal.

Want to learn more?

Humans are able to see thanks to one of the main sensory organs, which receives approximately 90% of all incoming information – sense of sight. Eyes are, therefore, crucial for the correct perception of most stimuli. Supporting the organ of vision by providing adequate nutrients along with the daily diet is therefore extremely important.

Eye fatigue, impaired retinal microcirculation and reduced visual acuity are possible effects of working long hours in front of computer screen, watching television or staring at mobile phone screen. Only very young and healthy people can withstand such overload without problems. However, as we age, the eye's defence mechanisms and its ability to cope with adverse factors gradually deteriorate, leading to various problems with vision. Deteriorating vision may also be the result of nutritional deficiencies.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are natural carotenoids found in the macula of the retina in humans. The concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin in the macula decreases with age. The result is a greater susceptibility of the macular photoreceptors (cones and rods) to the harmful effects of blue UV light. Both lutein and zeaxanthin must be supplied with a plant-based diet, as humans cannot synthesise them.

* When used on a regular basis, one pack is sufficient for one adult, for approximately 1 month. When using food supplements in liquid form, the dose may be increased to the maximum daily dose indicated for the given product. In this case, extra packages of the product have to be purchased in addition to the pack.

** Recommended duration of supplementation: 3 months.

Check out the products included in the pack

Remember you can also buy each product from the DUOLIFE Eye Health pack separately. Clicking on the selected image will take you directly to the product page in the DUOLIFE shop.

By choosing our DUOLIFE Product Packs, you support the #EcoDuo strategy. The capsuled DUOLIFE products included in the pack are packaged in personalised immediate packaging instead of a cardboard box, which helps to reduce paper consumption. This packaging preserves the highest product quality and guarantees complete safety.

Giving up cardboard boxes is part of the #EcoDuo strategy. As part of this project, we are implementing further pro-ecological projects, thus becoming more and more environmentally friendly. For more information on #EcoDuo, click on the button.