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DUOLIFE Beauty pack

product code: DLPAPURO0102NP

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DUOLIFE Beauty pack features a carefully selected composition of products supporting the proper functioning of the body, adjusted to its daily rhythm. It comes with a supplementary set of information prepared by specialists, containing general information, recommended use and recommended time for supplementation.

DUOLIFE Beauty pack
To support your body throughout the day

DUOLIFE Beauty pack features a carefully selected composition of products supporting the proper functioning of the body, adjusted to its daily rhythm. It comes with a supplementary set of information prepared by specialists, containing:

general information;
recommended use;
recommended times for supplementation,

Since ancient times, preserving beauty and youthful look has been the topic of interest for researchers and scientists. It has long been known and proven by science that appearance largely depends on the individual's diet. Any deficiencies in vitamins and micronutrients are quickly reflected in your looks. Recent years have seen a growing interest in the topic of skin ageing and methods for its prevention. Researchers have been focusing on the issue of biological ageing, which assumes that the body's ability to respond to environmental stresses decreases over time. This results in a loss of the body's internal balance, the tangible effect of which may be brittle and dry hair, brittle nails and dull skin.

The DUOLIFE Beauty functional pack contains*:

DuoLife Collagen;
DuoLife Aloes;
DuoLife Vita C;
DuoLife RegenOil Liquid Gold®,
DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex,
2 packs of DUOLIFE Collagen Powder.

Recommended use of the food supplements from the DUOLIFE Beauty Pack**:

In the morning:
DUOLIFE Vita C – 25 ml before breakfast;
DUOLIFE Keratin Hair Complex – 25 ml before breakfast;
ProDeacid® – 2 capsules at least one hour after breakfast***.
DUOLIFE RegenOil Liquid Gold® – 5 ml with breakfast – can be added to lunch or salad.
Lunch time:
DUOLIFE Collagen Powder – 1 sachet every other day, dissolved in a glass of water or other liquid and mixed thoroughly.
In the evening:
DUOLIFE Aloe – 25 ml before supper;
DUOLIFE Collagen – 25 ml before supper;

Want to learn more?

Our diet has a huge impact on how we look and feel in our bodies. Eating meals poor in vitamins and minerals can deteriorate the condition of our skin, hair or teeth. Preserving beauty and youthful look is an important topic that has been explored since ancient times. Researchers have been trying to find new methods of preserving youth for years, improving beauty or slowing down the ageing process. In addition, social, sexual and physical awareness of people has been increasing, leading to growing interest in physical appearance and body care.

The ageing process of the skin is linked to the diminishing capacity to produce fibroblasts and thus collagen and elastin. This process cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down, for example through the right nutrients supplied with the daily diet.. The production of fibroblasts, which are cells responsible for the production of the key substances that maintain the skin's youthful appearance – collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, decreases with time and collagen and elastin fibres become less stretchy and elastic. As a result, the skin loses its firmness, excessive dehydration occurs, and the first wrinkles and fine lines start to appear. You can try to delay this phenomenon by supplementing your daily diet with nutrients that promote the production of essential cells responsible for keeping your skin looking young.

The complex process of skin ageing is affected by various external factors, such as environmental pollution, smog, UVA and UVB radiation, temperature extremes, free radicals and toxins, as well as internal factors, including hormonal changes and metabolic processes leading to the formation of free oxygen radicals. Diminished activity of fibroblasts and slower collagen production with age (starting after the age of 25!) lead to the thinning and shortening of collagen fibres. Genetic predispositions and lifestyle affect the skin's ability to regenerate. Even young skin needs to be protected from external factors that make it more sensitive and prone to ageing.

Out of these, UVA and UVB radiation is particularly dangerous to the skin. Prolonged exposure of the skin to sunlight and therefore excessive activity of oxygen free radicals is one of the most important causes of skin ageing and skin lesions appearing on the skin. Antioxidants, which include vitamins C and E, minerals such as selenium and zinc, polyphenols inhibit the formation of free radicals by playing a key role in the fight against skin aging.

It is possible to extend the period of fibroblast activity and efficient collagen biosynthesis. However, an unbalanced diet, deficient in proteins, lipids, vitamins, oligoelements and antioxidants, does not provide sufficient support for tissue protection and regeneration. With the passage of time, biological ageing occurs, which involves diminished ability of the body to respond to environmental stresses. The result is a loss of the body's internal balance. Hair and nails becomes brittle and dry and skin starts to sag.

* When used on a regular basis, one pack is sufficient for one adult, for approximately 1 month. When using food supplements in liquid form, the dose may be increased to the maximum daily dose indicated for the given product. In this case, extra packages of the product have to be purchased in addition to the pack.

** Recommended duration of supplementation: 3 months.

***We recommend to wait about 4h between the doses of ProDeacid® and medications.

Check out the products included in the pack

Remember you can also buy each product from the Beauty pack separately. Clicking on the selected image will take you directly to the product page in the DUOLIFE shop.

By choosing our DUOLIFE Product Packs, you support the #EcoDuo strategy. The DUOLIFE products included in the pack are packaged in personalised immediate packaging instead of a cardboard box, which helps to reduce paper consumption. This packaging preserves the highest product quality and guarantees complete safety.

Giving up cardboard boxes is part of the #EcoDuo strategy. As part of this project, we are implementing further pro-ecological projects, thus becoming more and more environmentally friendly. For more information on #EcoDuo, click on the button.