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DUOLIFE Nervous System pack

product code: DLPAPUNE0102NP

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DUOLIFE Nervous System pack features a carefully selected composition of products supporting the proper functioning of the body, adjusted to its daily rhythm. It comes with a supplementary set of information prepared by specialists, containing general information, recommended use and recommended time for supplementation.

DUOLIFE Nervous System pack
To support your body throughout the day

DUOLIFE Nervous System pack features a carefully selected composition of products supporting the proper functioning of the body, adjusted to its daily rhythm. It comes with a supplementary set of information prepared by specialists, containing:

general information;
recommended use;
recommended times for supplementation,

The human brain is made up of billions of cells forming trillions of connections. Advancements in technology, science and industry have also had a side effect in the form of increased stress, noise and air pollution. Many people are struggling with sleep disorders and dysfunctions of the nervous system. This is further exacerbated by such factors as poor diet and oxidative stress.

The Nervous System functional pack contains*:

1 x DUOLIFE Vita C;
1 x DUOLIFE Fiber;
1 x ProBactilardii®;
1 x DUOLIFE My Mind;
1 x DUOLIFE RegenOil Liquid Gold®;
1 x ProMigren®;
1 x ProRelaxin®;
2 x FIZZY EASY Mg+K+B Complex.

Recommended use of the food supplements from the DUOLIFE Nervous System Pack**:

In the morning:
DUOLIFE Vita C – 25 ml before breakfast;
ProMigren® – 2 capsules before breakfast,
DUOLIFE My Mind – 25 ml with breakfast;
DUOLIFE RegenOil Liquid Gold® – 5 ml with breakfast – can be added to lunch or salad.
Lunch time:
FIZZY EASY Mg + K+ B Complex – 1 tablet dissolved in a glass of water, after lunch.
ProBactilardii® – 1 capsule of Synbiotic and 1 capsule of Postbiotic for 5 days a week, one hour after lunch.
In the evening:
DUOLIFE Fiber – 25 ml with supper;
ProRelaxin® – 2 capsules before supper.

Want to learn more?

Constant rush, stress, sleep deprivation and burnout that are part and parcel of modern lifestyles may lead to various dysfunctions of the nervous system. An increasing number of people is suffering from mood swings and problems with emotional balance. A healthy, active lifestyle and an adequately balanced diet can help keep the nervous system in good health, maintain emotional balance, as well as improve sleep and mood.

Relevant areas in the brain are responsible for memory, cognitive processes, learning and concentration. In order for these processes to function properly, appropriate communication between neurons (nerve cells) and adequate levels of neurotransmitters, which are responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses, are necessary. A neurotransmitter called acetylcholine plays a critical role in the formation of short-term memory. Long-term memory is formed as a result of processing of fresh memory and is stored in various centres of the cortex. Maintaining adequate levels of acetylcholine is critical to maintaining optimal concentration, as well as cognitive and executive functions, such as memory, thinking, understanding, attention and orientation. Optimal neuronal functioning can be impaired as a result of a decrease in the amount of neurotransmitters in the brain, but also as a result of oxidative stress, caused by the accumulation of free radicals. The way to support optimal nervous system function is a healthy lifestyle and a properly balanced diet that provides adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant components.

An equally important factor that can lead to problems with the nervous system are dysfunctions of the brain-gut axis, which is a network of neurons that connects the central nervous system to the gastrointestinal tract. Information between the two is transferred both ways via hormonal, metabolic, neural and immune pathways. One of the key elements of the axis is the intestinal microflora. The challenges of daily life, stress, poor diet, use of stimulants and some medications can adversely affect our intestinal microflora.

Diagnosed dysfunction of this axis may promote not only unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms, such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea and constipation, but also symptoms affecting the central nervous system, including low mood and lack of emotional balance. Selected bacterial strains help to maintain the optimal functions of the intestines and the immune system, and , by influencing the gut-brain axis, it supports the proper functioning of these systems in stressed people. Properly selected strains can also play a role in the proper functioning of the central nervous system and help protect against stress, anxiety and mood disorders, which very often manifest themselves in ailments precisely from the intestines.

* One pack, when used on a regular basis by one adult, is enough for about 1 month. When using food supplements in liquid form, the dose may be increased to the maximum daily dose indicated for the given product. In this case, extra packages of the product have to be purchased in addition to the pack. .

** Recommended duration of supplementation: 3 months.

Check out the products included in the pack

Remember you can also buy each product from the DUOLIFE Nervous System pack separately. Clicking on the selected image will take you directly to the product page in the DUOLIFE shop.

By choosing our DUOLIFE Product Packs, you support the #EcoDuo strategy. The DUOLIFE products included in the pack are packaged in personalised immediate packaging instead of a cardboard box, which helps to reduce paper consumption. This packaging preserves the highest product quality and guarantees complete safety.

Giving up cardboard boxes is part of the #EcoDuo strategy. As part of this project, we are implementing further pro-ecological projects, thus becoming more and more environmentally friendly. For more information on #EcoDuo, click on the button.