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DUOLIFE Cleansing pack

product code: DLPAPOCZ0102NP

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DUOLIFE Cleansing pack features a carefully selected composition of products supporting the proper functioning of the body, adjusted to its daily rhythm. It comes with a supplementary set of information prepared by specialists, containing general information, recommended use and recommended times for supplementation.

DUOLIFE Cleansing pack
To support your body throughout the day

DUOLIFE Cleansing pack features a carefully selected composition of products supporting the proper functioning of the body, adjusted to its daily rhythm. It comes with a supplementary set of information prepared by specialists, containing:

general information;
recommended use;
recommended times for supplementation,

We should take care of our bodies not just by focusing on physical appearance, but also taking into account the body's internal needs. Body detox, or cleansing, should play a key role in this process. This effect consists in the removal of redundant metabolic products generated in the body as result of internal processes, as well as accumulation of harmful substances from the external environment.

The Cleansing functional pack contains*:

1 x DUOLIFE Aloe;
1 x DUOLIFE Vita C Powder;
1 x DUOLIFE Chlorofil;
1 x ProBactilardii®;
1 x DUOLIFE Fiber;
1 x ProSelect®;
1 x ProDeacid®;
1 x BorelissPro ®;
2 x Fizzy Easy Mg + K + B Complex.

Recommended use of the food supplements from the Cleansing Pack**:

In the morning:
DUOLIFE Vita C Powder– 1 sachet every other day, after dissolving in a glass of water or other liquid and mixing thoroughly;
DUOLIFE Fiber – 25 ml with meal (optimally to be taken with a glass of water)
ProDeacid® – 2 capsules at least one hour after breakfast***.
Lunch time:
BorelissPro® – 2 capsules before meal;
ProBactilardii® – 1 capsule of Synbiotic and 1 capsule of Postbiotic for 5 days a week (from Monday to Friday), after meal;
Fizzy Easy Mg + K + B Complex – 1 tablet after lunch, dissolved in water;
DUOLIFE Chlorofil – 20 ml at lunch time or throughout the day dissolved in a bottle of water.
In the evening:
DUOLIFE Aloe – 25 ml after supper,
ProSelect® – 2 capsules after supper.

Want to learn more?

Cleansing the body of toxins and redundant metabolic products promotes the body's physical and mental well-being and improves the utilisation of nutrients, supplied with food and food supplements that are provided with food. The optimal pH balance of body fluids is essential for metabolic processes and proper functioning of the entire body. Stress, constant rush, diet low in fruit and vegetables and high in animal protein and carbohydrates, insufficient water intake, lack of exercise, alcohol or smoking can cause electrolyte imbalance in the body and disrupt the normal pH of body fluids.

In addition, it is important to supply the body with nutrients that protect cells from the destructive effects of oxidative stress, i.e. antioxidants. Antioxidants from fruit, vegetables and herbs are so-called exogenous antioxidants, supporting natural internal antioxidative mechanisms of the body. These include vitamins C and E, carotenoids, polyphenols (including flavonoids, anthocyanins, phenolic acids), selenium and zinc. Their antioxidant properties help to ensure optimal cell functioning and normal cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

Body care is not only about taking care of your physical appearance, but also about looking after your body from within. The so-called detoxification process plays an important role. Body cleansing involves removal of harmful products of biochemical processes taking place in the body and toxic substances, such as heavy metals, coming from the environment. This is very important given that a lot of people live in cities, where they are exposed to smog and pollution of all kinds. Cleansing is important to keep the body in overall good condition and promote well-being every day. When combined with supplements with high antioxidant content, it can effectively support the optimal functioning of the body.

* One pack, when used on a regular basis by one adult, is enough for about 1 month. When using food supplements in liquid form, the dose may be increased to the maximum daily dose indicated for the given product. In this case, extra packages of the product have to be purchased in addition to the pack.

** Recommended duration of supplementation: 3 months.

***We recommend to wait about 4h between the doses of ProDeacid® and medications.

Check out the products included in the pack

Remember you can also buy each product from the Cleansing pack separately. Clicking on the selected image will take you directly to the product page in the DUOLIFE shop.

By choosing our DUOLIFE Product Packs, you support the #EcoDuo strategy. The capsuled DUOLIFE products included in the pack are packaged in personalised immediate packaging instead of a cardboard box, which helps to reduce paper consumption. This packaging preserves the highest product quality and guarantees complete safety.

Giving up cardboard boxes is part of the #EcoDuo strategy. As part of this project, we are implementing further pro-ecological projects, thus becoming more and more environmentally friendly. For more information on #EcoDuo, click on the button.