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product code: DLPAPIMM06PL00

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DUOLIFE IMMUNITY SET PLUS consists of five carefully selected dietary supplements that can be used complementarily. The active ingredients contained in the products support the proper functioning of the immune system 1,2 , protection against oxidative stress 3 and support the body's defence mechanisms 4 . Thanks to the application scheme, comfort of use is ensured - tailored to, among others: people working outside the home and active people, and allowing full use of the set every day. The recommended supplementation period is at least 2 months. Take comprehensive care of yourself – choose DUOLIFE IMMUNITY SET PLUS!


1 x DUOLIFE Vita C;

1 x DUOLIFE Astaxanthin;

1 x DUOLIFE D3 in Nigella Oil;

1 x ProBactilardii ® ;

2 x FIZZY EASY Ca + D3 Complex.

Recommended use of products from the DUOLIFE IMMUNITY SET PLUS

In the morning:

DUOLIFE Vita C – 25 ml before meals;

FIZZY EASY Ca +D3 Complex – 1 tablet a day after dissolving in a glass (200 ml) of cool water. The time of use can be adjusted to individual preferences.

Dinner time:

DUOLIFE D3 in Nigella Oil – 2 capsules with a meal;

ProBactilardii ® – 1 Synbiotic capsule and 1 Postbiotic capsule 5 days a week, one hour after a meal.


DUOLIFE Astaxanthin – 2 capsules with a meal. A meal rich in fat promotes better absorption of astaxanthin.

Learn about the valuable active ingredients contained in the DUOLIFE IMMUNITY SET PLUS products!

1 Vitamin C helps in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin C helps maintain and function the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.

2 Vitamin D helps in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Wild rose ( Rosa canina ) contributes to the body's defense against pathogenic microorganisms and physical well-being. (ID 3682)

3 Vitamin C helps protect cells against oxidative stress.

4 Wild rose ( Rosa canina ) supports the body's defense mechanisms. (ID 3680)

Vitamin D helps maintain proper calcium levels in the blood.

Good to know

1) With regular use, one set is sufficient for approximately 1 month for one adult. The use of dietary supplements may be increased up to the maximum daily servings for the product. In this case, you will need to purchase additional pieces of the product outside the package.

2) The recommended duration of supplementation is at least 2 months. This is usually the optimal period, but it is worth adapting the supplementation time to the individual needs of the body. If in doubt, we recommend consulting a doctor or nutritionist.

3) Practical tips

Remember to get enough sleep.

Don't overwork your body, but remember about regular and moderate physical activity.

Take care of a healthy and well-balanced diet, rich in antioxidants.

Make sure your body is properly hydrated.

Limit stimulants.

Learn to deal with stress.

Harden your body and don't overheat it.

If you are chronically ill or taking medications, always consult your doctor or pharmacist before starting supplementation.

Find out more about the products included in the set

Remember that you can buy each product from the set separately. By clicking on the selected photo, you will go directly to the product card in the DUOLIFE store.

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