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FIZZY EASY Red Bottle 550 ml

product code: FIMAGBOT010200

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A versatile, elegant and handy bottle made of tritanium – designed to support proper hydration of your body.

The lightweight, leak-proof 550 ml bottle is made of tritanium. The classic design gives it a unique style. It also features a wrist loop and a leak-proof cap to prevent spills. The bottle is perfect for preparing drinks with FIZZY EASY brand supplements.

Dimensions: width 6.6 cm, height 21.2 cm, depth 6.6 cm

Bottle colour: red

Unique product qualities

Outer cover made of strong, damage-resistant tritanium.

Leak Proof
Tight seal to prevent leakage of liquids.

Handy and lightweight – will fit into any bag or backpack.

Fitted with an additional handle to hold the bottle comfortably.

BPA free