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DUOLIFE Beauty Box

product code: DLKOPBEB010100

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Beauty Box is an excellent gift idea. Give yourself of your loved one a unique gift box, which not only amazes, but also provides a complex care of the skin of the face, neck and décolletage!

The box has been created with a synergistic action in mind, to help preserve a beautiful, young and radiant skin despite the passing years and the naturally progressing ageing processes.
The box contains:

Collagen Face Serum 30 ml;

Collagen Face Mask 50 ml;

rose quartz Gua Sha stone;

Gift box.

Collagen Face Serum and Collagen Face Mask provide an overnight skin care, while massage with the Gua Sha stone provides deep relaxation, lets the skin rest and enhances absorption of active substances. Give yourself or your loved one a moment of pleasure!

Collagen Face Serum
A light, concentrated product with anti-ageing properties. The product contains fish collagen and hydrolysed sea urchin collagen. The product reduces fine lines and cares for proper skin elasticity. The serum leaves your skin full of radiance. Additionally, the product contains natural thickener and a very high naturalness index.
Collagen Face Mask
A cosmetic which follows the "Beauty Sleep" trend and provides overnight regeneration. It is the last step of your evening skin care routine. A formula rich in a marine collagen complex with organic silica, small-molecule hyaluronic acid, humectants and other active ingredients. The rich formula intensively and deeply moisturises, improves the condition and tautness of the skin. Additionally, the mask has a very high naturalness index.
Gua Sha massage stone
It will let you enjoy a relaxing evening face massage inspired by Asian beauty rituals.
The Gua Sha stone is made of rose quartz which has been crafted and polished by hand. Due to its natural origin, it may differ in colour, shape, level of matt/gloss and transparency.
Evening beauty ritual step by step

Start your evening skin care with make-up removal: a thorough cleansing of the face with a micellar water, face gel, and toner. After this procedure, the skin is ready for the next steps of skin care.

The next step is applying 3-5 drops of Collagen Face Serum on your face, neck and décolletage.

The face serum will ensure appropriate skin elasticity, firmness and tautness. During the night, it will stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis in your skin. Additionally, it cares for proper hydration, nourishment and regeneration.

Grab the Gua Sha stone by its convex side and begin a draining massage. First, focus on your neck - move the stone upward, gently pressing it against the skin.

Then massage the jawbone with the carved part of the Gua Sha stone. Move from the chin toward the temples. Pay special attention to the spot by the ear, where the jawbone connects with the temples - most tension gets accumulated here.

Time for the cheeks - move the Gua Sha stone from the centre of your face toward the ears. Remember to massage thoroughly the nasolabial fold and under-eye zones, which helps reduce dark circles and swelling.

Finally, massage your eyebrows and your forehead, holding the Gua Sha stone by its convex side. This will act as a natural lifting of these zones.

Then, twice a week or more often depending on your skin’s needs, use the serum and follow with Collagen Face Mask.

It's a unique overnight face mask with regenerative, hydrating, firming and anti-wrinkle properties. The rich formula is based on 12 active ingredients that have moisturising, lifting, and nourishing properties. The specially formulated mask firms the skin, smooths existing wrinkles and helps prevent the formation of new ones.

Effects of a massage with the Gua Sha stone and Collagen serum and mask:

firming of the skin and reduction of wrinkles;

improved facial contour;

lifting and regeneration;

moisturising and firming of the skin;

improving of the face tone;

deep relaxation and rest.