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E- book ,,Odporność w Twoich rękach" (PL)

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Language of publication: Polish

A practical guide to supporting YOUR immunity

Why a guide rather than guidelines?
Because health is a path that each of us chooses for himself. Each of us is a unique individual, so in this publication you will find, among other things, a test and questions to which you must provide your own answers. Based on them, you can use the suggested solutions or decide on your own ones, suiting only you. Or maybe both? You choose!
What will you learn in this publication?
What is immunity.
What influence the 5S Strategy pillars have on the immune system:
Conscious eating
Physical fitness
Natural supplementation
Effective cleansing
Stress Management
How to take care of our immunity through each of the areas listed above.
What vitamins, minerals and other substances are today considered key to immunity.
You will get to know your own habits better and learn what changes your body needs and in which pillars.
What habits you should incorporate into your routine to enjoy better immunity.
A few words about the authors
Dr. h.c. Piotr Kardasz - biologist, educator and journalist. Author of scientific papers, many publications and films on phytoremediation. Winner of the "Eureka 2003" award. Co-founder and Head of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Health Prevention and Chairman of the DuoLife Scientific Council.
Dr. biol. Karolina Trzeciak - PhD in biological sciences. Graduate of postgraduate studies in Molecular Biology. Author of more than 50 publications, including scientific papers and reports and articles in professional and popular science journals. She has been associated with the World Healthy Living Foundation since 2019.
Title: A practical guide to supporting YOUR immunity
Authors: Dr. biol. Karolina Trzeciak, and Dr. h.c. Piotr Kardasz
Language of publication: Polish
Number of pages: 52
Release date: 10-11-2020
Format: PDF
Number of devices: unlimited
Printing: unlimited