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SunVital® Natural KIDS Formula

product code: DLKFPSUN010000

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SunVital® is the product created especially for the youngsters. In its composition there is no shortage of essential vitamins and minerals, which come from natural, plant-based constituents. The product has been enriched with organic zinc.

Immune system of a child becomes fully mature at about the age of 12. Throughout this time a young organism needs greater amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, in order to ensure correct functioning of particular organs and the entire systems. The most important substances come from food products, however it is rare that children’s diet is able to provide them sufficient number of these substances.

Supporting immune system with products based on substances of natural origin is important to avoid deficiencies and to ensure correct development of a young organism. In SunVital® product there are the following ingredients:

  • red grapes which are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, among others responsible for supporting immunity, 
  • blackberry fruits with high content of anthocyanins, 
  • wild rose abounding in vitamin C, 
  • honey, in which we find flavonoids enabling to maintain biological balance, 
  • elder, with high content of vitamin C supporting the synthesis of collagen,  
  • West Indian cherry (acerola) fruits, which are the main source of antioxidants, 
  • African geranium, which has positive impact on respiratory system, 
  • pumpkin seeds, in which we find, among others, polyunsaturated fatty acids,  
  • garlic, which is the source of alliin,  
  • Andrographis paniculata supporting the functioning of immune system.  

Immune system, which is not yet fully mature, is more susceptible to the activity of pathogens. Supplying it with greater amount of nutrients enables it to resist effectively the attacks of microbes, has an influence on lowering the risk of disease, as well as enables easier course of possible inflections. SunVital® facilitates the supply of valuable nutrients, which are obtained from natural raw materials, thanks to it the product is safe during the use.