Distinctions and certificates

DuoLife brand has received many awards.

Check out the following prizes and awards which confirm the top quality and effectiveness of our products.

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DuoLife is the Golden Sports Ambassador

DuoLife brand was awarded the Golden Sports Ambassador statuette for active support of Polish athletes. Feliks Stamm foundation awards the companies and institutions which spread, promote and popularize sport ideas, Olympic culture, and support the development of all sport disciplines. Gold Sports Ambassador is an award for companies that decided to support Polish sport talents.

Luxurious Brand of the Year 2013

During the annual “Luxury Brand of the Year” gala, some of the most luxurious brands and products are awarded. The awarding committee includes the representatives from various social and cultural background: businessmen, athletes, artists and the previous winners. DuoLife was awarded for their exceptional products of the highest quality on the Polish wellness market.

2013 Bestseller

On October the 28th 2013, on the highest, 22nd floor of the Skylight office building in Pure Sky Club, “Imperium Kobiet” women magazine celebrated its 3rd birthday and the finale of the IMPERIUM MODY contest, with show business and sport stars and “Imperium Kobiet” magazine female readers in the jury. The contest jury, which chose 2013 BESTSELLER, contained: Ewa Kasprzyk, Otylia Jędrzejczak, Ewa Kuklińska, Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska, Aneta Zając and Sabina Kuśnierz. DuoLife brand received IMPERIUM KOBIET DISCOVERY award.

“Imperium Kobiet” women magazine birthday party was attended, among others, by: Jerzy Gruza, Marcin Kwaśny, Ryszard Rembiszewski, Magdalena Modra, Beata Sadowska, Czesław Mozil, Roman Rogowiecki, Bogdan Gajkowski, Krystyna Mazurówna, Laura Łącz, Karolina Nowakowska, Alicja Węgorzewska, Jarosław Jakimowicz, Hanna Bakuła, Marek Włodarczyk, Emilian Kamiński and Ewelina Serafin. Musical setting was provided by DJ Adamus and Ada Szulc.

Quality of the Year 2013/2015

The official Quality of the Year statuette is awarded during the Congress, attended by 600 participants. It is the only event of such prestige in Poland and it gathers business, science and government representatives. DuoLife was presented with this award twice, in 2013 and 2015, confirming its firm position on the market as the provider of the highest quality products. Polish President Andrzej Duda, sent an official letter in which he congratulates the awarded companies and appreciates their contribution in economy and values they represent. The Quality of the Year is one of the most prestigious awards.

The success of the Year 2014 and 2015

The Competition promoting the best business practices and awarding the biggest personalities of Polish cultural scene and the representatives from the most successful companies in their respective industries. DuoLife brand was awarded in this prestigious contest twice already, strengthening its position of the leader on the wellness market.

Consumer Laurel - Discovery of 2015

The most prestigious Polish consumers choice award, in which every year the most popular brands and products are recognized in several categories.

DuoLife received the Consumer Laurel award given in the category of the Discovery of the Year 2015 for one of the most popular and widely appreciated products on the Polish market. This award is yet another evidence of the consumers trust in this brand.

Golden OTIS

The most prestigious contest in pharmaceutical and medical industry in Poland. The Chapter of Golden Otis Trust Award Institute awards the companies and products which particularly deserve recognition because of their actions, quality and efficiency of the products offered to their customers.

The fact that DuoLife products were awarded with the Certificate of Golden Otis Trust Award proves the popularity and recognition of the brand both on the wellness market, and among some of the most demanding representatives of medical and pharmaceutical industry.

JCI Quality Mark

Quality Institute of Jagiellonian Center of Innovation recognizes manufacturers of cosmetics, dietary supplements and healthy food that particularly emphasize the world’s best quality of the offered products. Thorough research help to find out if particular products meet the latest and strictest European standards. DuoLife Day and Night dietary supplements were awarded for their indisputable quality and unusual solutions introduced in their design and production. Studies revealed that these solutions fructified into the creation of extraordinary high-quality natural products.

FDA registration certificate

Certificates of registration issued by Registrar Corp are acknowledged all over the world and serve as the document confirming that a production plant/company has been registered in FDA. The American Food and Drug Administration, FDA, is known for their strict provisions concerning the approval of products for marketing. A positive opinion given by FDA on a given food product or medicine is acknowledged all over the world as a determinant of its quality and a confirmation that a given product does not harmfully affect health. Successful process of registration in FDA is the next step on the way to DuoLife company’s international success.

The recommendation of Polish Academy of Health

In response to numerous questions posed by Health Advocates and Promoters, the Board, the Auditing Committee and the Scientific Council of Polish Academy of Health [PAZ] decided to recommend DuoLife S.A. as the first reliable and trustworthy company in the four-year-long history of PAZ existence. This special decoration is awarded to top-quality products manufacturers and to the brands promoting a healthy lifestyle. PAZ aims to support preventive healthcare and a healthy lifestyle, to promote physical activity, sport, sightseeing and leisure activities, to protect and promote health, ecology, and education in these fields. Among the members of the Scientific Council of Polish Academy of Health [PAZ] are great and recognized doctors of medicine, dieticians and physiotherapists with a long-standing professional experience.

An invitation to the Polish Federation of Producers and Distributors of Dietary Supplements

Is a recognition which really influences the shape of the market, creates the possibility to apply experts knowledge and experience and provides real possibilities of cooperation with the government and local administration and the parliament. The Federation membership guarantees that the voice of reliable businessmen, such as DuoLife S.A company, will be taken into consideration both by the public administration, and the Polish and EU Parliament. The invitation gives a real possibility to influence the direction of the development of the whole dietary supplements sector.

ECJiP ISO 22000 certificate

European Centre of Quality and Promotion Certificate ISO 22000 is awarded in an unbiased and reliable certification process carried out by highly qualified auditors. Such an award implies that the DuoLife products, when used according to the principles connected with dietary supplements, support human life and health. The purpose of the programmes tailored by the European Centre of Quality and Promotion is to select the elite of companies which offer products and services of the highest quality on the European Union market, the companies which stand out as the ones with pro-environmental and health-oriented activities and the companies which guarantee high safety standards.

Business Reliability Certificate - Bisnode Polska ICWB

This prestigious recognition given to DuoLife S.A company can be obtained only by companies which fulfill strictly determined criteria. The Business Reliability Certificate is awarded to companies whose financial data guarantee high rates of return, a high level of financial fitness and financial liquidity. The evaluation of the company’s reliability and stability carried out by Bisnode Polska ICWB analysts, is determined upon: the analysis of the payment morality according to the International Payment Monitor program and the analysis of financial indicators from the latest available financial statements, the biggest Polish relational database of corporate and personal connections.

Cruelty-free – PETA

Products approved by PETA as the “cruelty-free” are the brands which are entered on the reliable list of companies which do not carry out tests on animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the international non-profit organization and the biggest global animal rights unit. The official presence of DuoLife company among the listed Cruelty-Free brands is another confirmation that the company is 100% nature-friendly.

SPA Prestige Awards 2017 Recommendation

SPA Prestige Awards 2017, the organizer of the most prestigious contests in the SPA&WELLNESS business, awarded DuoLife Collagen with the recommendation as the top-quality product fulfilling all customers’ expectations and the leading supplement from the trustworthy brand. Recommendation granted by the SPA Prestige Awards 2017 commission is reliable information to all beauty salons, beauticians, hotels, SPA salons and aesthetic medicine clinics whose customers value the highest quality service and products. DuoLife Collagen has been valued for its unique formula based exclusively on natural, certified ingredients.

Preventive Healthcare Institute Recommendation

The purpose of the Preventive Healthcare Institute is to spread knowledge and promote conscious life style. In order to significantly improve the knowledge of prevention and health promoting practices among possibly the largest group of people, this institute shares an insight and scientific experience of independent scientists and researchers. Furthermore, it shows the connection between a lifestyle, the quality of food, positive thinking and the state of our health. By cooperating with numerous institutions that promote health prevention as the best way to keep the human body healthy, Preventive Healthcare Institute encourages a healthy lifestyle based on the harmony between the body, mind and spirit.

Polish Chamber of Herbal Medicine Recommendation

Polish Chamber of Herbal Medicine is a renowned Polish institution, holding a firm position on the national health prevention, pro-health diet, cosmetology and chemists markets. This results in a close cooperation with the Polish Herbal Committee and the Economic Chamber of Polish Pharmacy. Polish Chamber of Herbal Medicine supports companies and institutions which promote healthy lifestyle and the highest-quality dietary supplements, which ensure the optimal performance of the human body.

Hit Gentelmana 2013 [Gentleman’s Hit] Certificate

DuoLife company received this special award for DuoLife Day And Night product, in the “Health” Category, from the Gentelman Magazine editorial office’s Jury in the 3rd Edition of the Products and Services List – Hit Roku Gentelmana [Gentleman’s Hit of the Year]. Gentelman Magazine is the oldest Polish monthly addressed to men. It has been present on the market for a dozen or so years and has been classified as one of the best lifestyle magazines.

The quality of the year 2015 - Eco-Quality

One of the awards presented at the Second European Quality Congress was the Eco Quality of the Year 2015 statuette. This award is presented to companies which put an extra care into preparing, acquiring the components and creating their products while maintaining the highest quality of the whole production process. Some of the factors influencing the choice of the companies to be awarded are: effective actions concerning ecology and environmental protection, constant quality control and long-term investments into new technologies. DuoLife Medical Formula product line was awarded by the Contest Committee and considered the one which fulfills all the respective requirements.


HACCP is a systemic approach in which food safety is addressed through the identification and evaluation of the range of safety hazards in food as for health quality and the risk of such safety hazards which may occur in all stages of food production and distribution. It is also the system that focuses on the determination of methods to be applied to reduce these hazards and establishing the remedial actions/measures. HACCP compliance shows the company’s commitment and involvement in maintaining food quality and safety, and their intention to develop constantly. It also points out that there is an effective food safety management system which fulfills the requirements of independent, external audit. In the case of food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, HACCP implementation is crucial to maintain safety and hygiene of production. HACCP application also increases the customers trust.


GMP ensures the integrity of the production process in a company and compliance with food safety regulations. GMP substantially improves food safety management system in a company, which increases the customers assurance that the company is committed to produce and sell safe food products of the highest quality. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) program assures the compliance with the basic manufacturing practices as the preliminary conditions essential when it comes to implementation of an effective food safety program HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points). The performance and actions which observe GMP rules prove that the products offered by the company are of the highest quality.

TÜV SÜD certificate

The TÜV SÜD certification logo is granted to organizations which obtained a positive result in the process of certification and have a valid management system certificate. Products eco-friendly and environment-friendly features are also very important, both in their production process and during consumption and utilization. Applying the long-standing experience, the most modern measuring and test devices and laboratories equipped with advanced equipment, TÜV SÜD Poland specialists test the safety of different kinds of products. A positive evaluation of DuoLife products, meeting the high standards, guarantees that they are of high-quality and do not pose any threats to people’s life and health.

Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation Recommendation

Professor Zbigniew Religa's Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation promotes the development of Polish cardio surgery, introduces heart treatment modern techniques and technologies into clinical practice, and supports knowledge and experience exchange in the scope of modern cardio surgery in Poland and developing countries. It cooperates with the companies and institutions that promote active and healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, and a natural way to provide the body with necessary components, presenting these actions as the best way of preventing heart diseases. DuoLife Medical Formula ProCardiol dietary supplement was recognized by Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation for its efficiency in heart disease prevention.

Reliable Company Certificate

The Reliable Company program gathers already more than 50000 companies of all trades in the whole country. The Reliability Certificate confirms the reliability of the company and proves it is not registered at the BIG SA National Register of Debts. DuoLife company, awarded with Reliable Company Certificate, have been found to be the contractor which trustworthy and worth cooperating with.

European Guarantee of Top Quality Certificate

European Guarantee of Top Quality Certificate is one of the most prestigious programs based on the EU new directives concerning quality systems, ISO standards, and the procedures concerning management and quality systems. European Guarantee of Top Quality Certificate’s winner is a modern and competitive entrepreneur, present both on the national and international trade markets.

GMO Free Quality Certificate

A company may be awarded with this certificate on condition that no production and processing stage involves the application of genetically modified ingredients, and when an end product is GMO-free. GMO FREE - QUALITY CERTIFICATE program is an objective proof that the products are 100% free of genetically modified ingredients.

Safety Certificate

The logo of Safety Certificate, awarded in unbiased and reliable certification process, carried out by highly qualified auditors. Safety Certificate and European Safety Certificate are the expression of people’s trust in the institution which protects their lives and possessions, and the expression of the customers’ trust in a producer or service provider, and they manifest this trust by purchasing a product or service.

Green Certificate

The program created in order to support and aspire the entrepreneurs who are interested in adjusting their products, service, and processing lines to high ecological standards applicable in the EU. It is a very important pro-ecological program which constantly promotes the entrepreneurs involved in the issue of ecological safety of the products. It is addressed to the entrepreneurs who follow the ecological rules in the production process, and their products are of the highest quality. It is confirmed to the customer that the products and services awarded with this certificate are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

Highest Quality Guarantee Certificate

Highest Quality Guarantee Certificate is one of the most prestigious programmes based on the EU new directives concerning the quality systems, ISO standards, management and quality systems procedures. Highest Quality Guarantee Certificate awarded to DuoLife Company is a recognition of the solid and reliable partners in business relationship and customer-friendly companies. Awarded with Highest Quality Guarantee Certificate, DuoLife Company is recognised as the entrepreneur which is modern and competitive both on national and international markets.

European Centre of Quality and Promotion ISO 9001 Certificate

European Centre of Quality and Promotion Certificate ISO 9001 is the international recognition of the best organised quality management systems in an organization. The companies awarded with this prestigious certificate have to meet eight strict standards, including: Customer focus, effective Management which gives the development its appropriate direction, great commitment of the people who build an organisation, suitable and systemic approach, high quality of the realised processes, analytical attitude towards the decisions to be made, creating beneficial relationship with the material and service suppliers, and continual organisation improvement with an aim to realize effective processes.