Leaders' Council

The Leaders' Council is a liaison between
the Club Members and the DuoLife Company Board and the Supervisory Board.

Leaders' Council 2019/2020

Meet the exceptional DuoLife Leaders who were elected to the Leaders' Council 2019/2020 by our Club Members.

Tomasz Zabawa

Vice President Club DuoLife
Chair of the DuoLife Club Leaders' Council

This is the man formed by the corporation.

Tomasz had no experience in network marketing. He gained his vast professional experience in the second-largest food and beverage company in the world - PepsiCo.

Norbert Warzyszyński

General Director Club DuoLife

Norbert had run the insurance business for 18 years. Before his co-operation with the DuoLife Company, for 7 years, he had successfully developed the network business, achieving one of the highest positions in Poland. Many years of work, trainings and the application of knowledge in his daily work, and as a result, just after 3 and a half year of co-operating with the DuoLife Company, he has started to live the life he dreamt about.

All he does in his life aims to ensure a healthy life to his family and provide it with financial security.

Piotr Gotowicki

International Director Club DuoLife

Piotr’s adventure with the DuoLife Company began in September 2016, and after 166 days of his co-operation with Dietmar Dahmen, he reached the position of the Regional Director. He owes this result to, among others, his seven-year experience in network marketing.

Karol Szczerkowski

National Director Club DuoLife

Karol is an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in various industries: service, commercial and even restaurant. He was constantly looking for the perfect business. He has been importing from China for 15 years.

Cooperation with DuoLife gave him, as he says: "The light in the tunnel" - the conviction that when he stops working, he will still receive income from the previously built market.


You will meet the DuoLife Leaders - the people who has achieved the position of the Director thanks their commitment and talent.

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