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Wioletta Polańska
and her family
For over 3 months, my 4-year-old daughter has taken BorelissPro® and drunk DuoLife regularly. The first difference I noticed was that she has stopped grinding her teeth at night. For the whole time she has been taking supplements she hasn’t fallen ill. For 7 years, my husband had treated the ulcerative colitis with steroids which decreased his immunity. He used to fall ill in winter at least 3 times. He had a cold all the time. Since December, whenever he felt he was about to catch a cold, has been taking 2 capsules of BorelissPro® in the evenings. Overnight the problem was over. It’ been the first winter in 7 years, when he did not fall with influenza.

Applies: BorelissPro® and DuoLife Day and Night since December 2014.

Iwona Siesiowicz
Thanks to ProSlimer® my metabolism has improved and I go to the toilet regularly, though earlier I had problems with it. After arthroendoscopy of my knee I had also applied ProStik® for 3 months which effectively soothed the pain, and my knee joint quickly regenerated.

Applies: ProSlimer® and ProStik® since February 2015.

Katarzyna Wojtczyk
During the day I do not feel fatigue, I have more energy to perform my everyday housework. I am more focused while working at the computer. At night I do not wake up and I have a quiet sleep. I don’t need to sleep for 9 hours, now 6 is enough for me, and I get up rested!

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night since May 2015.

Michał Barański
I am very satisfied. My stomach aches which bothered me and did not allow to function normally are almost gone, though I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis - the first or the last stage before cancer, depending on how you look at this...

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night since October 2013, and BorelissPro®, ProStik® and ProSelect® since February 2015.

Teresa Babka
ProStik® sensationally worked in cervical radiculopathy, the reduction of arm contractures and the soothed pain after the foot injury (the sprained ankle).

Applies: ProStik® since April 2015.

Krzysztof Galos
BorelissPro® increased my immunity, I got rid of a frequent cold, I stopped complaining about the sinus pain and my complexion has been cleansed. Promigren® has relieved my headaches with which I fought for 10 years. Attacks of intense pain which used to “exclude” me from life for all day, at first decreased and then completely vanished.

Applies: Promigren® since March 2015 and BorelissPro® since February 2015.

Seweryn Dzierżak
Every year at the turn of January and February, my two daughters (6 and 2,5 years old) had a nonstop cold, which ended with taking antibiotics. This year it was different, after a week of taking DuoLife a cold disappeared and till today (13.05.2015) it did not resurface. Girls willingly drink half a dose in the morning and in the evening.

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night since January 2015.

Hanna Kantor
I began to apply DuoLife products and at first I did not see spectacular effects. Then, one morning I woke up in high spirits and I joyfully thought about the coming day. This surprised me. At night I did not wake up many times and I slept deeply and calmly. I also observed another positive changes, e.g. improved digestion.

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night, ProSelect® and BorelissPro® since April 2015.

Izabela Wajs
After 3 weeks since I started to apply the products I lost about 4 kg. At that time I applied no diet and I did no exercises. Apart from this, I feel more energetic during the day, I was just anxious to act, to do or create something… I shyly admit my libido has increased. Summing up, if I add some physical exercises and change my eating habits, the results will certainly be better, but I will tell you about this in two months, when I am about 10 kg thinner. I have no doubts about it!

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night and ProSlimer® since April 2015.

Evelina Pieczka
My hormones were unbalanced, I put on 12 kg and I could not fight the sweet and sugar craving. Having applied DuoLife and BorelissPro® I did not have to go to endocrinologist, since my hormones levels were back to normal. I was losing weight very quickly, and as it occurred later, this way my organism was getting rid of toxins, water, fungi and deposits. I lost 12 kg, I no longer suffer from premenstrual tension syndrome and my sugar craving stopped. In December 2014, I added ProStik® to my diet, because I run and exercise regularly and I had knee pains and muscle contractions in my calves, now everything is fine, and the pure collagen contained in the capsules, had a wonderful effect on my skin. And most importantly, my organism’s immunity has increased, I do not fall ill with influenza or any other illnesses!

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night since October 2014 and ProStik® and BorelissPro® since December 2014r.

Jan Macioszek
In July 2014 I was diagnosed with lymphatic leukemia. Unfortunately, I had to wait for bone marrow biopsy till February 2015. My daughter searched different ways to help me and this way she came across DuoLife. She began to apply the products herself and noticed the effects, and then she realized that DuoLife supplements may also help me. I began to drink DuoLife Day and Night and take ProSelect and most importantly, I believed in the power of these products’ performance. I was feeling better mentally day by day, and as it occurred in February 2015, I needed neither chemotherapy nor medicines. The results were so good that what was left after the illness, that was only a habit to test blood every 2 months.

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night and ProSelect® since October 2014.

Anna Warzyszyńska
ProSlimer is excellent. Combined with DuoLife it makes me feel great. Taking it twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) I have lost 6 kg. for two months now. I feel really good and I strongly recommend it to all women who have problems with “a few kilograms” extra.

Has applied ProSlimer® for 2 months.

Anna Stańczyk-Gałuszka
My 5-year-old son had had a runny nose and a feeling of a stuffy nose for over half a year. At first he was treated by a pediatrician, then, after a week by an allergist (my son has an allergic condition). After a few months the allergist diagnosed a parasite in my son’s nose but all the prescribed examinations did not prove this diagnosis. My son was constantly sniffing, even a few times a minute. After three days of taking BorelissPro® his discomfort started to decline and stopped completely within a week. BorelissPro® dietary supplement was taken for one month, one capsule a day.

Applies: BorelissPro®

Anna Warzyszyńska
DuoLife is taken by all of us, I mean: me, my husband and our son Kasper. I have observed a very important improvement - I sleep better and I don’t keep on waking up. The second, probably more important change is that we don’t fall ill. In the past school-year our son was given a 100% school attendance award. He was the only pupil in the entire school who received such a reward. And me and the husband? We are healthy, full of energy, joy and we still want... more!

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night since October 2013.

Ryszard Kopiec
DuoLife has stopped chronic fatigue, continuous nervous tension and lack of good sleep. Allergy symptoms have disappeared, my mobility has increased and the problem of periodontosis caused by receding gums has vanished. DuoLife products helped to heal wounds and eliminate the effects of cold sore.

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night since November 2013 and BorelissPro®, ProSelect® and ProStik® since September 2014

Janina Wiśniewska
Since I started using DuoLife my mood has lifted up, and I get up refreshed. My medical examination results are also much better. My son, Mateusz, feels his body works better, which lifts up his mood. It allowed him to stop taking medicines which used to be necessary.

Applies: DuoLife Day and Night since May 2014.

DuoLife is something new, original and one of a kind for me. It is a combination of health, energy and nature hidden in two bottles - for a day and for the night. DuoLife Day makes me active, gives me energy and allows me to cherish my life. DuoLife Night gives me a good and deep sleep thanks to which I am able to regenerate my body properly.

Applies: DuoLife since April 2014.

DuoLife is an excellent product. The most important changes I have noticed include deeper sleep (I wake up refreshed before my alarm clock rings), detoxified body (I don’t feel like snacking between meals), I have more energy during the day and I am not tired, moreover, my immune system works better.

Applies: DuoLife since March 2014.

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