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Wealthy Healthy You – meet our speakers!


Dear club Members!

We are delighted to announce the speakers for Wealthy Healthy You! We are confident that their knowledge and experience will bring you closer to achieving your dreams of a healthy and prosperous life. On 10/06/2023 at The Double Tree Hilton Milton Keynes the speakers are:

Why! Healthy

Alicja Son – Healthy Life Coach, TEDx and International Speaker

Dariusz Mietlicki – International Director of DUOLIFE Club

Why! Wealthy

Ivana Kičikoleva – National Director of DUOLIFE Club

Why! Setting goals

Paweł Lenar – General Director of DUOLIFE Club

Why! Social media

Iulia Plesa – Senior Manager of DUOLIFE Club


Bartosz Królikowski – Co-founder and CEO of DUOLIFE S.A.

Why! You

Swann Xerri – Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Leadership Expert

Why! Next steps

Dietmar Dahmen – International Director of DUOLIFE Club


Mirosław Adamczyk – Managing Director of DUOLIFE S.A.

We have great news too for those who want to share their story and join our event as one of the speakers! The person who invites the highest number of people to the event and therefore buys the most packages of 3 tickets during the time they are on sale will be invited on stage. Do not hesitate! A place among the speakers is waiting for you!

Tickets for the WHY? WHY! Wealthy Healthy You! are available to buy @ → Shop → Event tickets

Note: Purchase of ticket possible after logging in to UK zone


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