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We are starting the qualification process for the Directors Trip 2023!


Dear Club Members,

We are very happy to announce that on 16.09.22 we are starting the qualification process for the Directors Trip 2023, which means that... we are about to set off on another unforgettable journey to an interesting part of the world!

Directors Trip


The upcoming Directors Trip will be special in every way. We will do our best to meet all your expectations and to make it a memorable event. A great deal of excitement, thrilling attractions and the highest standard of comfort - we have all this (and much more!) prepared for you!

The qualification period for the Directors Trip 2023 is from 16.09.22 to 15.02.23. We will announce the travel destination upon completion of the process. We are looking forward to this exciting journey!

Find out the qualification rules for the Directors Trip 2023

Qualification period: 109.-113. SP (5 SP)

Position Open line total
(5 SP)
Approximate monthly number of open line points Amount of funding from DL
Regional Director ≥ 805,000 ≥ 161,000 100%
Regional Director 402,500 - 804,999 80,500 - 160,999 50%
National Director ≥ 1,610,000 ≥ 322,000 100%
National Director 805,000 - 1,609,999 161,000 - 321,999 50%
International Director ≥ 2,300,000 ≥ 460,000 100%
International Director 1,150,000 - 2,299,999 230,000 - 459,999 50%
General Director ≥ 4,600,000 ≥ 920,000 100%
General Director 2,300,000 - 4,599,999 460,000 - 919,999 50%
Vice President n/a n/a 100%
President n/a n/a 100%


The position based on which Club Members are classified is the position in the last SP during the qualification period.

The minimum open line points that must be achieved to obtain funding are listed in the table above.

Club Members promoted for the first time to at least the position of Regional Director during the qualification period are granted 100% funding with no additional conditions or requirements.

Club Members who have been promoted for the first time to the position of at least Regional Director, in between the qualification periods - from 16.02 to 15.09 2022 - are granted 100% qualification, without additional conditions or requirements.

Dear Club Member!

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