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Update of the DUOLIFE Shop Terms and Conditions od Sale and Privacy Policy


Dear Club Members,

We kindly inform you that as of June 27, 2024 , we are updating the following two documents:

  • DUOLIFE Shop Terms and Conditions of Sale in the DUOLIFE Store - a document specifying the rules for placing orders and making purchases in the DUOLIFE Store and
  • PRIVACY POLICY - explaining the processes of personal data processing by DUOLIFE SA and relating only to the myduolife.com website.

In order to place an Order through the DUOLIFE Store, it is necessary for the User to read and accept the Shopping Regulations, which the User confirms by checking the appropriate box before finalizing the Order. Lack of acceptance of the Regulations by the User during the Order placement procedure makes it impossible to purchase the Product through the DUOLIFE Store.

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