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Ticket sales for the BDS International Online!

Dear Club Members
On 2 December 2021, we launched the ticket sales for the Business Development Seminars International Online. The unique business and development event is fast approaching! We meet on 29 January 2022 on the ZOOM platform to learn from the best. You can’t miss out on it!
This unique event will help you develop, achieve success and get promoted. To cut the long story short, the BDS International Online is living proof that it is worth joining the DuoLife community!
The tickets are on sale until 28 January 2022 at 10:00 UTC +1 (Warsaw time). You'll find the price list below:
02/12/21 - 10/01/22 Single 30 8 9 230 2,500 190 7 650
02/12/21 - 10/01/22 package ticket (10+2) 300 80 90 2,300 25,000 1,900 70 6,500
11/01/22 - 28/01/22 Single 39 10 11 300 3,300 240 9 840
11/01/22 - 28/01/22 package ticket (10+2) 390 100 110 3,000 33,000 2,400 90 8,400
Do remember that discounted prices are charged for the BDS International Online tickets until 10 January 2022. Seize the opportunity now! As a reminder, new members of your structures can buy the ticket at a discounted price until the end of the sales.
To speed up the sales, you will be able to buy the tickets for this event only via online payment methods.
Keep in mind that each ticket must be assigned to the holder!
Every person who buys the ticket, regardless of when they do it, will receive the e-mail registration link only on 28 January 2022. Within an hour, the ZOOM app will generate a special invitation to the meeting. On the day of the event, that is 29 January 2022, it suffices to click the link "click to join" in the invitation to join the Participants.
The event will be held in Polish and interpreted into English! Simultaneous interpretation into other languages will be available for at least 50 people from the market in your country – ask your market supervisors for details.
Let your every day be a special day...
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