There has never been such an event before! We invite you to the premiere edition of BDS International!

Dear Clubmembers,
soon we will be giving you a huge dose of exceptional knowledge, passion and inspiration driving you to action. It is having you in mind on 16/05/2020 at the initiative of the DuoLife Club Leaders, we are organizing BDS International for the first time - an unique event from the Business Development Seminars series in which you can participate without leaving your home!
Participation in this unique event, which will be held entirely online, is worth taking for several reasons.
BDS International is the time of Leaders! It is the Top Leaders of our Club who are behind the organization of the event, which will bring you great benefits and will certainly be remembered for a long time!
due to the unique Health Session, which our outstanding Experts will devote to the most current topic - body immunity, which we have been dealing with at DuoLife for several years.
Only during our Health Session you will learn how to properly care for the immune system and how to strengthen it. In addition, experts from individual markets will introduce you to DuoLife dietary supplements that are necessary in this process.
because of Beard Sesion, led by Norbert Janeczek, Co-founder and Chairman of the DuoLife Supervisory Board! As always you will learn from it everything that has recently happened in our company, what progress we have made in various fields and what are our future plans!
We strongly encourage you to join us during BDS online on May 16th. Last time, there were 1500 of us at the DuoLife international conference - we hope to beat this result. Let's feel the amazing energy of the DuoLife together!

Let your every day be a special day…
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