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TFT (27-28.08.22) - redeem your lunch voucher!


Dear Club Members,

Today for Tomorrow | International Convention is fast approaching. The event will be held on 27-28.08.2022. - we start already on Saturday (27.08) from 09:30! We encourage you to purchase a voucher to receive lunch at the event.

To avoid lunch queues, you can purchase a voucher now to pick up your lunch during TFT! Ordering a voucher is trivial and looks the same as buying a ticket for an event

Go to under the events tab and click on lunch voucher.

Pay and be sure to assign the meal to a specific person. Only then will the system generate a QR Code.

After payment and assignment, a ticket with a QR code will appear in your email inbox.

On the day of the event, the code will be scanned and exchanged for a special voucher for which you can get your dinner.

Lunch voucher sale lasts only until 19.08 - don't miss this chance.

Check out the menu of dishes at Today for Tomorrow | International Convention:

Saturday, 27 August 2022

Lunch box: soup + second course

Meat dish:

cucumber soup with garden dill

Grilled chicken breast in creamy pesto sauce, Silesian potato dumplings, vegetables grilled in garlic and oregano

Vegetarian dish:

cucumber soup with garden dill

lentil and shallot cutlet served with boiled potatoes and broccoli

Sunday, 28 August 2022

Lunch box: soup + second course

Meat dish:

onion cream with herb croutons

roasted chicken leg marinated in chili with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables with clarified butter

Vegetarian dish:

onion cream with herb croutons

vegetable curry with coconut milk and steamed basmat rice

If you do not have the tickets for the upcoming TFT yet, we cordially invite you to buy them. Do it today and join the lucky event participants!

11.04 - 05.07 Single ticket 219 55 63 1920 18300 1370 49 59 510
11.04 - 05.07 Package (2 tickets) 358 90 102 2750 29800 2240 80 97 830
06.07 - 05.08 Single ticket 249 62 71 1920 20800 1560 55 67 580
06.07 - 05.08 Package (2 tickets) 398 100 114 3060 33200 2490 88 108 930
06.08 - 25.08 Single ticket 279 70 80 2150 23300 1750 62 75 650
06.08 - 25.08 Package (2 tickets) 438 110 125 3070 36500 2740 97 118 1020
26.08 Single 309 77 88 2380 25800 1940 69 84 720
26.08 Package (2 tickets) 478 120 137 3680 39800 2990 106 129 1110

Please note that there is no separate area nor special attractions for children during the TFT event. All lectures are open to participants above the age of 16 - so we recommend leaving your children home. We would also like to inform you that it is forbidden to enter with animals and bring your own alcohol in Arena Gliwice.

The event will be held in Polish with simultaneous interpretation into Czech, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, English, Italian, Hungarian, German and French.


Dear Club Member!

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