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Sofrmarketing® Edu and LeadersCamp are back!


Dear Club Members,

We have great news! On 22-23/10/2022 your favourite events return: softmarketing® EduCamp Online and softmarketing® LeadersCamp Online, which will take place, as always, on the ZOOM platform! The events will be hosted by Joanna Gdaniec, Beata Kapcewicz and TOP DuoLife Club Leaders. You cannot miss this!

Beata Kapcewicz

Co-founder of the Personal Excellence Network and President of Momentum Way

An international speaker and coach. A mentor for bold brands, leaders and coaches. She has already helped thousands of entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad build the LOVEbrand strategy, successful businesses, leadership attitudes, genuine commitment among employees, and a personal brand in the organisation. Her programmes are attended by both leaders from large corporations and entrepreneurs who want to consciously lead their teams to above-average results. She is a book author and media expert on business, career, personal brand and leadership.

Joanna Gdaniec

Co-founder of Momentum Way and President of Personal Excellence Network

Business practitioner, international coach, speaker, and facilitator of Momentum Method. Expert and co-creator of softmarketing® – an innovative business model. Co-creator of a global value-based business leader development system. She works with boards, managers, and top leaders of organisations who build their business based on leadership, the idea of the human being at the centre of attention, and the principle of continuous development, while combining art and business. She was the first in the world to combine the principles of professional IMPROvisation with the principles of ethical sales, creating an innovative and unique method of IMPROsale that is used today by thousands of business leaders and salespeople in Poland and abroad.

softmarketing® EduCamp Online IX and softmarketing® LeadersCamp Online III are events attended by eminent experts in the field of business and personal development. By taking part in them, you will go to the next level and have great success in your personal and professional life. The motto of both events is:

“Quantum leap in life and business”

Please see the current price list. Tickets are sold until 21/10/2022, 10:00 UTC + 2 (Warsaw time).

Remember to assign tickets to specific club members - if you do not do this, people from your structure will not receive links to enter the event and will not be able to participate. This is very important!

At the same time, in order to get to the event efficiently and as quickly as possible, we encourage you to read our guide, which explains how to do it.

Anyone who purchases a ticket, regardless of when they do so, will not receive a registration link via email until 21/10/2022 (softmarketing® EduCamp Online) or 22/10/2022 (softmarketing® LeadersCamp Online). Within an hour, the ZOOM application will generate a special invitation to the event. On the day of the events, 22/10/2022 (softmarketing® EduCamp Online) or 23/10/2022 (softmarketing® LeadersCamp Online), all it takes is clicking (click to join) in the invitation to join the participants.

In order to speed up the purchasing process, only quick internet payments and credit card payments will be available.

The event will be held in Polish. Interpretation into other languages will be available after gathering a big enough group of people. More information can be found at the Market Managers. We look forward to seeing you!

Dear Club Member!

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