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SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake and SHAPE CODE® Protein Shake – discover the power of our products!


Dear Club Members,

We would like to inform you that due to the growing popularity of the SHAPE CODE® brand, we have prepared especially for you educational materials that allow you to discover the properties of SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake and SHAPE CODE® Protein Shake products even better! Special sales cards are now available on our website in the “Downloads” tab in all the languages in which the MyDuoLife system works.

To meet your expectations, we have prepared sales cards for SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake and SHAPE CODE® Protein Shake products with exceptional educational value. We want you to get to know their properties and pro-health effects for your body even better. This knowledge and awareness will surely be useful in breaking new records and achieving your goals.

The materials we provide are also a great sales tool for Club Members running a business. Thanks to them, you will find a number of arguments confirming why SHAPE CODE® products are unique and stand out on the market. We strongly encourage you to download the cards!

SHAPE CODE® is a brand created for people who focus on a healthy lifestyle, physical activity and strive to improve their fitness. It is also an excellent choice for those who are not afraid to take up sports challenges and who scrupulously implement the idea #DuoLifeGoUp – so it is for you!

Dear Club Member!

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