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See what events we will organize for you in 2022!

Dear Club Members,
2021 is slowly becoming history; it was a crazy and very intensive time. However, we are not slowing down! In the coming year we are planning another unforgettable events - so today, take your calendars in your hands and reserve your time for our events. See what awaits you in 2022 with DuoLife!
DuoLife events in 2022 Date
BDS International Online 29.01.2022
softmarketing® EduCamp Online 12.03.2022
Today for Tomorrow 9-10.04.2022
BDS International Online 18.06.2022
softmarketing® EduCamp Online 2.07.2022
Today for Tomorrow 27-28.08.2022
softmarketing® EduCamp Online 22.10.2022
BDS International Online 26.11.2022
DuoLife events are not only a great opportunity to gain a huge dose of factual knowledge, but also a chance to experience something unique and memorable for a very long time. It is great emotions and a giant portion of inspiration and motivation to act. During our events, you have a unique opportunity to participate in creative sessions with the best Experts, learn from the best Specialists and meet the Co-Founders of DuoLife S.A. Each event is a unique opportunity that you really can't miss! We hope that you will join us and in the coming year we will experience many great moments together!
Note! Ticket sales for the 3rd edition of TFT have already started! Join us and meet us on 09-10.04.22 in Arena Gliwice!
Let your every day be a special day…

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