Special Bonuses for Committed DUOLIFE Club Members within the “Effective Growth” programme. It’s a programme like never before, and a unique opportunity to get a special Bonus: 1) up to 1,000,000 BP for the Promoted Person; 2) up to 100,000 BP for the Recommending Person. Details can be found HERE.

Sandra Głombicka, New Regional Manager of the DUOLIFE Club, Poland


Dear Club Members,

we are very glad and proud to announce a new promotion in the DUOLIFE Club.

Congratulations! We wish you further success.

Remember that everything we do matters only with you – the DUOLIFE community.
You are the key to our collective success.

Dear Leader,

we are happy that you have chosen to be part of our community. Every day, through your actions, you change the lives of others for the better, passing on the values that are the cornerstones of DUOLIFE.

With this promotion, a new door of possibilities and privileges opens for you. We would like to introduce you to the benefit package you are now entitled to as part of your new position. We believe that these additional bonuses will be the source of further success and joy for you.

The possibility to participate in Car Programmes and choose a luxury car: Mercedes A-class, CLA, Audi A3, A4, Q3, BMW 118i, 218i, Cupra Formentor.

The possibility to participate in prestigious Managers Training Trip.

A seat in the Directorial zone during business and development events.

Structure Commissions up to 24%.

Discount Commissions:
  • level 1 – 5%; • level 2 – 4%.

Share Bonus from Global Point Turnover 0.5%.

Compensatory Bonus up to 2%.

Discover new possibilities and celebrate this unique time in your professional life. You are a true role model for anyone who wants to achieve the highest goals. Your journey so far is a proof that hard work, commitment and passion always lead to success.

We’re glad to have you with us.
Congratulations and see you on stage!

Make every day unique...

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