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Present an EXCEPTIONAL PROMOTION, product novelties and how DuoLife has changed to Club Members who haven't visited us in a while!

Dear Club Members,
if you're wondering how to encourage your Club Members who haven't visited lately to get new products, we have a solution for you!
We are introducing a special Promotion that will give to all Club Members who haven't placed any order from 16.08 till 15.11.2021 (at least last three Settlement Periods) special promotions, discounts up to 50% on selected products and our bestseller - DuoLife Vita C - for at a promotional price !
If you want your members who haven't visited during this period (haven't placed any order during last 3 Settlement Periods) to take advantage of this special offer, contact them immediately and let them know about this unique promotion!
How can I claim it? All you need is that from 16.11.2021, recently inactive Club Members place an order with a value of minimum 300 points and you will get as a gift the bestselling DuoLife Vita C for at a promotional price !
In addition, Club Members can also use the "Shipping for 1 zloty" promotion and thus ... save even more!
At the same time, Club Members can take advantage of other lucrative promotions, including discounts up to 50% on selected products!
SHAPE CODE® discounts
Cosmetic product discounts
Note: the promotion thanks to which your club members who haven't visited us lately can get the Vita C, is available only until 15.12.2021. Other promotions, including a discount up to 50% on selected products, are valid only while stocks last!
Wondering who in your organization this special promotion is addressed to? To whom has DuoLife sent emails with information about this offer? Who should you contact so that this unique campaign won't be missed? We have a tool for you to check all this -
reports available on! To check them out, go to Club Member Area > Structure > Career Structure - List.
In the list, under the name and number of each member of your team, you will find a "Business" icon. When you click on it in a new window, you will see "Own purchases" in the first row. Using the arrow pointing to the left ("<") you can change the Settlement Period by checking "Own purchases" in previous Billing Periods.
Let your every day be a special day…
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