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On 29/30.11, a night-time technical interruption in the MyDuoLife system is planned

Dear Club Members,
we kindly inform you that during the night from  to 29.11 from 30.11 to 00:00-06:00, access to MyDuoLife system will be hindered due to scheduled technical downtime.
It is possible that this will involve difficulties in :
general availability of the system ;
placing orders - this option may not be available;
visibility and correctness of certain data that may be unavailable/inaccurate
any actions performed in the MyDuoLife system during this time - they may be revoked
In view of the above, we encourage you to comply with the following recommendations :
1. Schedule your purchases for other dates
Be sure you will manage to do everything right and postpone your shopping to another day. Our products are still waiting for you, so you can place your order before or after the maintenance work on MyDuoLife. .
2. Refrain from making changes to your MyDuoLife account
In order not to lose the changes made and to avoid having to make them again, it is better to do it at another time. This may be before the service work begins, or after we are finished. Then, all the modifications or withdrawals from your Virtual Wallet will be made quickly and efficiently!
Following the recommendations, the maintenance period will not be as terrible as it may seem! We apologize for any inconvenience in advance.
To make every day special..
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