New promotions and improvements for shipping to the USA and Canada

Dear Club Members,
in DuoLife, we constantly care about your comfort and safety. This mainly applies to the order handling process and the delivery of your shipments, which we improve regularly.
Therefore, and also due to the growing turnover on the American and Canadian markets, which we would like to congratulate you on, from 16.06.2020 we are introducing a uniform shipping method to these countries.
What does this mean?
Starting on 16.06.2020, orders can be shipped to the USA and Canada only after logging in to the US zone, i.e. when placing an order in USD according to the product price list adequate for the US zone.
To place an order with delivery to the USA or Canada on a different ID, such as PL, SK, RO, UA, CZ, IT, RU, UK etc., simply change the zone in your MyDuoLife profile to the USA zone.
Check how to change the zone:
Check terms of delivery in the US zone:
Remember that:
each order placed for a minimum of 500 points in the US zone will be delivered to the USA/Canada for only $1;
each order for one DuoLife Day and Night Set will be delivered to the USA/Canada for only $15.
We believe that with these solutions, building a business at the DuoLife Club in the US zone will be easy and more transparent, and the ordering process itself - simpler, automated and much faster than before.
Listening to your needs and meeting your suggestions, we present wonderful initiatives that will support your further activities and the development of the American market!
1. Price reduction for the DuoLife Day and Night Set
and products from the Medical Formula line
Due to the lower delivery cost of capsule products and due to the great interest in the DuoLife Day and Night, we nod towards all Club Members and from 16.06 we are lowering prices for these products in accordance with the following list!
DuoLife Day and Night set
  Club Member Preferred Customer Retail
Old price $ 86.00 $ 103.00 $ 120.00
New price $ 76.00 $ 91.00 $ 106.00
Medical Formula
  Club Member Preferred Customer Retail
Old price $ 27.50 $ 30.75 $ 34.00
New price $ 25.00 $ 29.00 $ 33.00
2. Seasonal promotion
We wish to announce a unique promotion exclusive for orders placed in the US zone! From 16.06. to 15.09.2020, every order for a minimum of 500 points will be awarded one Day & Night Paste for the unique price of $1.
3. ID change
We provide additional support for all Club Members living in the USA/Canada who had registered under a different ID than US/CA! By 15.07.2020, we will change your ID in the MyDuoLife system to US/CA without additional administrative costs! Don't hesitate, write to us as soon as possible at

4. Customer Service 
Finally, we have... one more surprise for you! Listening to your needs and wanting to guarantee the necessary support to all Members in a different time zone, we decided to change the working hours of the USA helpline! The helpline +1 516 24 31 793 will work in the following hours:
Warsaw - 12:00 - 20:00
New York - 06:00 - 14:00
The solution, which is currently being tested, will enter into force on 16/06/2020. You are welcome to contact us! 

We believe that introducing these changes will translate into a dynamic and effective development of the DuoLife Club in the US, and above all, it will lead you to many grateful American hearts! We encourage you to take advantage of new opportunities. Change your life for the better with DuoLife!
Let your every day be a special day...
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Comments (2)
Ralph Kenney

These very helpful changes. Thanks!

Ralph Kenney 6/11/20, 7:34:15 AM
Ilona Ralston

Awesome changes and promotions! Let us get our hands on the cleaning products ;-)

Ilona Ralston 6/18/20, 1:36:09 PM