New Leaderboard

Dear Club Members,,
During the 15th Leadership Development Seminars, we conducted elections to the Leaderboard of the DuoLife Club. Please find below the full composition of the Leaderboard that began its operations on 7th July this year.
Tomasz Zabawa
Chairman of the DuoLife Club's Leaderboard
Norbert Warzyszyński
Member of the DuoLife Club's Leaderboard
Piotr Gotowicki
Member of the DuoLife Club's Leaderboard
Karol Szczerkowski
Member of the DuoLife Club's Leaderboard
We congratulate the new Leaderbord and wish you every success in your effective activities for the benefit of the DuoLife Club. At the same time, we express many thanks to Małgorzata Łukasiewicz, who was the member of the former Leaderboard, for her in-valuable support, contribution and commitment in the development of our club and company.
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Jan Barcewicz

Ogromne gratulacje i podziękowania dla całej Rady, wielu ciekawych super pomysłów oraz serdeczne podziękowania dla Małgosi.

Jan Barcewicz 7/18/19, 9:29:17 PM