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Natalia Konofalska is a new DuoLife Brand Ambassador!


Dear Club Members,

we are extremely proud to inform you that Natalia Konofalska, the 3rd Runner-up at Miss Polonia 2022, has joined our Ambassadors. Welcome aboard!

Natalia Konofalska

New DuoLife Brand Ambassador!

Welcome aboard!

Natalia is 23 years old, and apart from the 3rd Runner-up at Miss Polonia, she also holds the title of the 1st Runner-up at Miss Mazowsze 2022.

As a student at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, our new Ambassador is connected to the sports environment. Natalia is also a fan of motor sports, and she loves speeding on a racetrack. She is interested in interior design as well.

We are happy to have a person of so many interests and successes among the DuoLife Brand Ambassadors. Natalia cares for her natural beauty with our cosmetics. May Natalia's love for motor sports inspire you to develop just as fast in the spirit of #DuoLifeGoUP!

Let your every day be a special day…

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