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Meet the TFT speakers (27-28.08.2022)!


Dear Club Members,

On 27-28.08.2022, Today for Tomorrow | International Convention will take place in Arena Gliwice. We are starting on Saturday 27.08.2022 at 09:30 a.m.! We would like to introduce you to the Top Leaders of the DuoLife Club who will be speaking at the upcoming event!

We will be meeting soon to learn from some of the best experts, speakers and trainers in the field of personal development. Speakers at the August TFT include:

DuoLife S.A. Co-Founders:

Bartosz Królikowski,

President of the Board of DuoLife S.A.,

Łukasz Godyń,

Vice-President of the Board of DuoLife S.A.,

Norbert Janeczek,

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DuoLife S.A.,

Piotr Pacyga,

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DuoLife S.A.

Tomasz Zabawa

President of the DuoLife Club – Poland

Top Leader of the DuoLife Club, who is currently the only person to hold the position of President of the DuoLife Club, the highest in the company's history.

Norbert Warzyszyński

Vice-President of the DuoLife Club – Poland

His team currently has more than 46,000 people and generates a turnover of more than 35 million PLN a year.

Inna Semiglazova

General Director of the DuoLife Club (Competition Winner) – Slovakia

International speaker, trainer and personal development coach. A huge fan and promoter of network marketing who believes it is a better way in the new world. The first female General Director in the history of the DuoLife Club.

Cristian Tuns

International Director of the DuoLife Club (Competition Winner) – Romania

He has been successfully developing consumer networks in the network marketing industry with outstanding results since 2002. In 2019, he received an award presented by Network Marketing Forum for the best leadership coach in Romania.

Marita Liepina

National Director of the DuoLife Club (Competition Winner) – Latvia

A true businesswoman with over 20 years' experience in business and 13 years' experience in network business.

Simone Gelsomini

National Director of the DuoLife Club (Competition Winner) – Italy

He has 11 years of experience in network marketing and has been a softmarketing® practitioner for 4 years. His mission is to help other people develop successful businesses.

Be sure to join us soon at the Arena Gliwice and meet real successful people!

The event will be held in Polish with simultaneous interpretation into Czech, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, English, Italian, Hungarian, German and French.

Please note that there is no separate area nor special attractions for children during the TFT event. All lectures are open to participants above the age of 16 - so we recommend leaving your children home. We would also like to inform you that it is forbidden to enter with animals and bring your own alcohol in Arena Gliwice.

If you don't have tickets for the upcoming TFT yet, we warmly encourage you to buy them. Do it today and join the lucky event participants!

You cannot miss this!

If you don't already have tickets for TFT, you can still purchase them. We encourage you to see the current price list for entrance tickets.

11.04 - 05.07 Single ticket 219 55 63 1920 18300 1370 49 59 510
11.04 - 05.07 Package (2 tickets) 358 90 102 2750 29800 2240 80 97 830
06.07 - 05.08 Single ticket 249 62 71 1920 20800 1560 55 67 580
06.07 - 05.08 Package (2 tickets) 398 100 114 3060 33200 2490 88 108 930
06.08 - 25.08 Single ticket 279 70 80 2150 23300 1750 62 75 650
06.08 - 25.08 Package (2 tickets) 438 110 125 3070 36500 2740 97 118 1020
26.08 Single 309 77 88 2380 25800 1940 69 84 720
26.08 Package (2 tickets) 478 120 137 3680 39800 2990 106 129 1110


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