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Małgorzata Kołdej – a new DuoLife Ambassador!


Dear Club Members,

Małgorzata Kołdej, a Polish representative, champion (2022) and vice-champion (2021) of Europe and participant in the World Championships (10th place in 2022) in rugby sevens has become a new DuoLife Ambassador. A warm welcome to DuoLife!

Małgorzata Kołdej

becomes a new DuoLife Brand Ambassador

to DuoLife!

The success of our Ambassador, nominated for the Sports Personality of the Year 2022 award in the “Przeglad Sportowy” poll, is facilitated by her responsible lifestyle and healthy habits. This philosophy, supported by DuoLife supplementation, is sure to translate into new successes that we will celebrate together!

Let your every day be a special day…

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