Living together and recipe for success through the eyes of Marta Gąska

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in life, it is worthwhile to be inspired by other people – preferably by those who have achieved success and are successfully striving for happiness. One such person is Marta Gąska, DuoLife Brand Ambassador, who gave us an exclusive interview, full of passion and inspiration!
From the conversation you will find out, among other things, how Marta's adventure in the make-up industry started, where she successfully achieves her goals nowadays, how she combines family duties with professional work and what are her favourite DuoLife dietary supplements. We encourage you to read it!
Interview with
Marta Gąska
She is known mainly due her appearance in “Dzień Dobry TVN” (Good Morning TVN), in which she runs her own make-up cycle entitled “Maluj się, kto może” (Make-up for everybody). She has cooperated with the greatest stars of the Polish showbiz (e.g. Edyta Górniak, Justyna Steczkowska and Małgorzata Socha), and created phenomenal make-ups in such TV shows as: “Dancing with the Stars”, “Dance, Dance, Dance”, “The Voice of Poland”, “X Factor” and “The World of Dance”.
Marta, you are probably known to every woman in Poland who loves a beautifully enhanced beauty and for whom make-up plays an important role. What were your beginnings and where did you perfect your talent?
I know this is going to sound trivial, but as long as I can remember, I've liked to do make-up. The dolls were first, that I “borrowed” some cosmetics from my Mom. I will never forget my mother's green lipstick that oxidized into a beautiful red. My Mom always yelled at me because it was an exclusive product. :) As a teenager I went crazy with make-up and experimented with various strange techniques on myself. During my first year of studies – I am a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Bialystok University of Technology – I decided that this is not a very artistic field of study and I wanted something more. One day, a leaflet from a make-up school got into my hands and I knew: this was it! I signed up for a course and fell in love with this job. The first job offers appeared quite quickly, followed by many more. After graduation I wanted to develop further and I ran away for a while to London, where I got the job of dreams at MAC COSMETICS (one of the best brands in the world). There, I had the opportunity to train under the guidance of renowned make-up artists. After a year I returned to Warsaw and actually jumped into deep water right away. Photo shootings, first TV shows like IDOL... a lot of things happened. I love what I do, and I can't imagine I could do anything else.
What skills, apart from make-up, should a good make-up artist have?
Certainly psychological and organizational ones. Often, apart from being make-up artists, we're also a bit of a confidante. Women like to confide when having make-up applied. The stars tell us about their problems and worries, but also about the happy and good things. It is very useful to be able to establish contacts and be open, as we really work with a different team every day. Being able to find yourself in any situation is vital. You certainly need to be stress-resistant. Besides, you just have to like people.
For many years you have been successfully running your own make-up school, performing on TV and also being a mother of three . How do you split the time between these three roles?
I assume that if you plan everything well, you can do a lot. :) I'm a master of logistics. My husband is also very helpful to me, he’s great with taking care of the children and the house when I’m away. “How do you do it?” – I hear this question quite often. I'm putting together my own schedule at work, so I have nothing to complain about. I run a lot of training sessions, TV programs, but I always try to catch a moment's breath after the marathon and I care about these days most. Sometimes I feel like I'm moving at the speed of light. :)) One day I'm in Sopot, the other in Busko-Zdrój, and so on. But I love what I do, so I do it with pleasure.
The children got used to my travels, so it's something natural to them. But we really do spend a lot of time together. My deal with the kids is that when I'm gone for a few days, we have a “mommy day”, out of school. Then we do what the kids want to do with their mommy.
Do you have a recipe for professional success?
Believe it will work!!! Nothing is impossible and the success is not reserved for the chosen ones, but for those who WANT IT and are not afraid to reach for their dreams. Many people don't realize how much depends on us. Yeah, it's up to us! That's why I have one advice – don't give up and fight, even if your path is beset by obstacles. With a bit of luck and hard work, which is always the basis for success, you should succeed. ;)
Tracking your social media profiles is impossible without noticing that you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle. How do you take care of beautifying "from the inside"?
I take care of myself a lot, because there is a healthy mind in a healthy body! I eat healthy, drink a lot of juice (I regularly do juice detoxes), undergo blood ozone therapy, but I also support myself with supplements. I have been using DuoLife products for over a year because they give me a guarantee of the highest quality. Aloes, Vita C, Collagen and Chlorophyll are the basis of my diet. I live an intense life, so I have to take care of myself all the more. Beautiful on the outside and inside – this is the slogan of my BEAUTY CAMP, which I organize already in September. I want to teach women how to take care of themselves comprehensively. Beautiful appearance is not only a nice make-up, but above all skin and body care also from the inside.
Which DuoLife products are your favourites?
Oh, there's a lot of them, so it's hard to choose one for sure: Collagen, Aloes, Vita C, ProSlimer and ProSugar.
What would be your advice for DuoLife Club readers: how to nurture natural beauty?

To live in harmony with oneself. To take care of body
and soul. To be a happy
Let your every day be a special day…
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