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digestive disorders are one of the most common causes of gastrointestinal complaints. They may affect as many as 60% of the adult population. Poor diet or bad eating habits may contribute to these symptoms. In view of this situation, our new dietary supplement – DuoLife My Gastrin – supports the optimal functioning of the digestive tract.
DuoLife My Gastrin is a dietary supplement in liquid form, containing natural ingredients of plant origin, including the Asafin®* proprietary formula based on oleo-gum-resin sourced from asafoetida giantfennel (Ferula assa-foetida).
The formulation includes the highest-quality natural raw ingredients that support digestive processes, normal intestinal peristalsis, healthy bowel movements, normal pancreas and liver function, as well as that of gallbladder and bile duct.
Explore the strengths of DuoLife My Gastrin!
Multidirectional action of the product
Reserved microencapsulated Asafin®* formula sourced in the patented FenuMAT™* technology
Clinical studies
on ingredients
Supplementation variants
Wide spectrum of action
100% natural ingredients of plant origin
Regular and PRN use
Synergy of action
Special bottle
Convenient form of application
Less is more
Gluten free
DuoLife My Gastrin dietary supplement is intended for use as support for optimal body functions in the case of:
people who want to support the proper functioning of their digestive tract, including stomach and intestines, on everyday basis;
people who care for normal function of liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts;
people who suffer from constipation and slow intestinal transit;
people who suffer from indigestion;
people who suffer from bloating, nausea, eructation, and heaviness in stomach after meals;
people with gentle stomach and intestinal cramping;
people complaining of digestive problems after fatty meals;
people who have inflammatory gastrointestinal problems;
people who want to maintain a normal body weight;
people who want to keep normal blood cholesterol level.
DuoLife My Gastrin is a great choice when you want to comprehensively support your digestive system and its optimal functioning. Say "NO" to bloating, nausea, heaviness in stomach and choose DuoLife My Gastrin!
*The Asafin® formula is obtained with the use of patented FenuMAT™ technology. Asafin® and FenuMAT™ are trademarks of Akay Natural Ingredients Private Limited.
Multidirectional action of the product:
1. Bowels
supports the proper functioning of the digestive tract;
encourages the reduction of bloating, inflammation, and cramping in the bowels;
supports healthy bowel movements and intestinal transit;
helps reduce constipation;
supports weight control and weight loss process.
2. Stomach
supports the proper functioning of the stomach;
helps protect the stomach mucosa;
supports proper digestive processes and secretion of digestive juices;
helps minimise excessive satiety after meals, excessive eructation and nausea after meals.
3. Liver
supports the optimal liver function and liver parenchyma protection;
promotes the recovery of damaged liver cells;
helps remove toxins from the body.
4. Gallbladder and bile ducts
supports the proper functioning of the gallbladder and bile ducts;
supports optimal bile secretion;
contributes to better digestion of fatty meals;
helps minimise discomfort after meals that are hard to digest.
supports optimal pancreas function;
promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes;
helps minimise discomfort after meals.
6.Blood vessels
supports the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.
Supplementation variants – time of administration adjusted to your needs
Before the meal After the meal
Stimulates the secretion of digestive juices
Improves appetite
Regulates bowel movements
Helps prevent constipation
Supports digestive processes
Helps reduce symptoms associated with indigestion
Helps reduce bloating, flatulence, eructation
Helps reduce excessive satiety and heaviness in stomach after meals
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