Another product from the Medical Formula NEW line is now available for sale


Dear Club Members,
We would like to inform you that ProMigren® NEW is another product from the new, improved Medical Formula NEW line available for sale.
Learn about the changes:

HPMC capsules
for vegans and vegetarians

Green capsules due to
100% of chlorophyllin

Multilingual labels
(12 languages)

Capsules with delayed release
and clinical research

concentration of active substances increased by 56% reached in the body

The highest bioavailability (assimilability)
of active substances increased by 32%

Packaging with personification
of Medical Formula line

BPA free

Additional content of
inulin prebiotic

Below are the current prices of the Medical Formula New line:
Price for Member

79,80 zł
Price for Preferred Customer

89,80 zł
Recommended Retail Price

99,80 zł
Number of points

Learn more about the introduced changes:
From now on, delayed release capsules used in the formulation process of dietary supplements from the Medical Formula line are vegan. They are certified by the Vegan and Vegetarian Association. They can reach 375 million new   Members around the world.

Capsules used in the formulation process do not dissolve in the acidic environment of the stomach, which allows safe transporting dietary supplement into the intestines - only then the coating disintegrates, releasing the active substance in the intestine, from where the components go directly into the bloodstream. The great advantage of this solution is that they do not burden the stomach. The capsules used significantly limit the possibility of nutrient degradation compared to the standard ones commonly used in dietary supplements, thus ensuring the highest absorption of active ingredients.
In addition, we took a step towards functional nutrition, as in our products we used inulin from chicory, included in the group of fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Functional foods are substances that have a positive effect on one or more functions of the body over the nutritional effect, and its pro-health effects are documented by scientific research. Numerous studies have shown that adding it to the daily diet can prevent the development of certain ailments caused by improper nutrition. In addition, fructooligosaccharides (FOS) increase the bioavailability (assimilability) of minerals.
They owe their green colour to natural chlorophyllin, which has a great influence not only on the intestines, but also on the functioning of the whole organism. The products still do not contain GMOs or preservatives, thanks to which they meet the requirements of the global trend of products with a clean label.
Medical Formula NEW capsules have the increased DER (Drug Extract Ratio) value. DER determines the amount of milligrams of the vegetable raw material used to obtain one milligram of the extract. If the capsule contains 50 milligrams of extract with DER value of 4: 1, this means that 200 milligrams of raw material (50 x 4) was used to obtain such extract. In the Medical Formula New capsules, DER value amount to 25: 1, which gives you as much as 1250 milligrams of raw material. Thus, thanks to the increased DER value, a smaller amount of extract can provide even more doses of active substances!
We also remind you that we will eventually introduce a whole new product line.

The products will appear in different zones
and at different times, which results from different period of product registration on particular markets.

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