Important information about DuoLife Chlorofil

Dear Club Members,
we kindly inform you that we successfully completed the process of changing the registration status of DuoLife Chlorofil. From now on, it will be available in sale as ‘food supplement’, not ‘foodstuff’, as it was the case before.
Liquid form
We draw you attention to this fact because thanks to movement to the food supplements category, our product gains an additional value. A food supplement, being a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and other substances demonstrating nutritional effect or other physiological effect, either single or complex, is a supplementation of normal diet. Food supplements may contain vitamins and minerals which are naturally present in food and are consumed as its part, or other substances demonstrating nutritional or physiological effect.
We conducted the change of registration status of DuoLife Chlorophyll to ‘food supplement’ meeting all the standards and requirements necessary for this kind of preparations. Thus, we would like to emphasise the healthy effect of the preparation as well as the high standard and safety of its manufacturing and packaging. At the same time we attest that both the existing quality of the product and its composition have not changed.
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