Important changes and new promotions on the German, Slovak, Czech market

Dear Club Members,
we have information for you about 
 price changes on the German market, and the possibility of buying products in a Polish store 
 changes in the Loyalty Bonus on the German, Czech and Slovak markets 
 joining the Sodexo program 
 new promotions on the German market 
Please be advised that due to the requirements and directives of the European Union regarding the intra-Community movement of goods and services, which, among others regulate policy. regarding VAT, the prices of DuoLife products on the German market will remain adapted to these regulations. The introduced price changes will take effect from December 16, 2019. The price increase for DuoLife and Medical Formula products (capsules) will range from 4% to 10.5% depending on the product. Prices for products signed with the Piurif and Hi5 brands! and for marketing materials and services will not change. In previous months, the same prices were introduced in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
We are aware that raising prices is always a complicated and difficult, especially for you. However, We assure you that the goodness and comfort of our Members are the supreme values to us. That is why, as a compensation for raising prices, from 16th of December, we are launching new initiatives that will bring you many benefits. You can find information about it below.
Initiative no. 1
Modification of the Loyality Bonus
We appreciate your trust and loyalty, which is why we want to make it up to you by rewards from the Company more often than now! We have prepared a new loyalty program, dedicated specifically to markets where prices have risen. In this unique program, which will be introduced from 16th of December in Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, while maintaining the appropriate activity, you will be able to get bonuses in each Settlement Period. !


* Activity 500 points = own activity obtained in a single order at a minimum level of 500 points.
And so on!. In other words, maintaining your own monthly activity at the level of min. 500 points, in every Settlement Period you will receive a reward
if you will interrupt activity in the min. 500 points, you start from the beginning, i.e. from the first billing period as shown above.
If you will keep your activity for 500 pints in each month you will recieve your reward at the end of every Settlemen Period..
If you were already on your way to receive the bonus according to the old logic, when ordering you will be able to choose which Loyalty Bonus you want to use..
Initiative no. 2
Order the products in Polish store
In order to provide you with an alternative option to buy DuoLife products, we have created in the myduolife system the opportunity to make purchases in a Polish store at Polish prices. In this case, purchases are made in PLN with the possibility of delivery to Poland or other countries in the world except Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy. It also means that if Club Members from these four countries do not log in to the Polish store, but to their national zone, they can place orders only to their country.
If you would like to log into the Polish store, you must change your home zone to Polish in the system. How to do it? All you have to do is log in to the 'Club Members' area and then select the 'Data Edit'.


In the next steps you change the country from germany to Poland.


… and approving changes. The currency in the Virtual Wallet, regardless of the zone to which the Club member is logged in, does not change, i.e. it will still be Euro
To get back to the home zone, proceed analogously, i.e. in place of the Polish zone, select the one to which the Club Member was previously logged in. Before compression, the system will automatically restore the account to the home zone and calculate the commission due in accordance with the Compensation Plan, taking into account the turnover achieved in both zones, according to the payment calculator for the Club Member's home zone.
Initiative no. 3
We are pleased to remind you that last month DuoLife joined the global SODEXO Euro program, which helps you to use the benefits received at DuoLife in your local currency without currency conversion.
Initiative no. 4
We would like to inform that since 16th of December on the German market :
The Keratin 3 + 1 PROMOTION will be resumed. If you will buy three bottles of Keratin, you will receive the fourth one for free
A new PROMOTION will be added: By purchasing any DuoLife Product Package, you will receive two packages of the latest DuoLife Hi5 product for 1 Euro! BeeCrunchy!
We deeply believe that the implemented initiatives will meet with your approval and you will be happy to use them.
Let every day be a special day.…
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