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He is an icon. Find out the story of Piotr Kardasz, PhD (Hon.), Chairman of the Scientific Council of DuoLife S.A.

Dear Club Members,
DuoLife’s origin, development, and success are inextricably linked with Piotr Kardasz, PhD (Hon.), Chairman of the Scientific Council of DuoLife S.A. His knowledge, experience, scientific achievements, and enormous authority laid the foundation for business we do today in every dimension.
With his well-deserved status of an icon, Piotr Kardasz, PhD (Hon.), is a mentor and role model to many people and an eminent expert. In fact, he has put all of his knowledge and heart into DuoLife dietary supplements. Find out how such a great and remarkable person has contributed to the success of our company.
The story of Piotr Kardasz, PhD (Hon.), is filled with love for nature and an uncontrollable desire to learn more about it. The combination of nature and science paved the way for him to help thousands of people around the world and share his knowledge and experience. Many years of activity of Piotr Kardasz, PhD (Hon.), with a number of achievements, had a tangible effect on DuoLife dietary supplements, mostly based on unique formulas developed by the Chairman of the Scientific Council of DuoLife S.A.
Love for people and nature, boundless reservoir of empathy, great openness to human needs, and a huge and impressive knowledge – this is why we rate highly Piotr Kardasz, PhD (Hon.), one of the most important figures for our company, loved by the entire DuoLife Community. Every day, we feel proud that Piotr Kardasz, PhD (Hon.), is part of DuoLife.
Doctor, thank you again for everything you have done. It is a great honour to work with you!
Let your every day be a special day…

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Comments (2)
Teresa Masek-Gruszka Mariusz Gruszka

Jestem pełna podziwu dla Jego niezmierzalnej wiedzy i cenię za otwartość i przystępność dla każdego z nas.

Teresa Masek-Gruszka Mariusz Gruszka 10/31/21, 6:51:18 PM
Michal Bleho

pán Kardasz, skrz Vás je svet- nielen pre mňa -krajší

Michal Bleho 1/21/22, 9:35:47 PM