Harmony of health and beauty – we would like to present the shampoo and conditioner DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula

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By continuing research based on a holistic approach to issues related to broadly defined health care, we have created more products combining health-improving properties with care for natural beauty. We would like to present you Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Shampoo i Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Conditioner  , shampoo and conditioner with unique properties that will let you take care of your hair and scalp.

Both products give rise to a brand new product line - Advanced Formula . Products from the Advanced Formula line, which are rich in active ingredients, are a solid foundation for achieving perfect results. They help to keep the scalp in good condition, as well as support the protection, care, revitalization and regeneration of hair!
The technology of Advanced Formula comes down to two steps:

Step one – DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Shampoo.

Step two – DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula Conditioner .
Both products are well-suited for everyday use, forming an effective and nutritious keratin therapy, ideal for:

dry hair
damaged hair
hair loss
hair with split ends
hair lacking radiance
The great advantage of both products from the Advanced Formula series is their rich composition, based on raw materials certified by ECOCERT/COSMOS. Compared to other cosmetics of this type, the shampoo and conditioner feature the high naturalness index.

The cosmetics from the Advanced Formula line perfectly complement the DuoLife Kertain Hair Complex dietary supplement. By combining the advantages of the preparation in liquid form with the unique properties of the shampoo and conditioner, you will comprehensively take care of health and proper condition of hair and scalp, while maximizing mutual effects.
As an introduction of a brand new product line draws near, we prepared a unique promotional campaign for you. Only now when buying the Keratin Hair Complex: Liquid Formula, shampoo and conditioner , , as a gift you will get a fancy packaging that will look great under each Christmas tree. Don't miss out and give your loved ones pure beauty from nature!
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