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Get qualified and participate in the DuoLife Founders Club 2022!

Dear Club Members,
We kindly remind you that the qualification for DuoLife Founders Club is still going on! The process, which started on 16.09.21, will end only on 15.02.22, and this means that you still have a chance to take part in an exceptional cruise with DuoLife S.A. Co-Founders on board of a luxury DuoLife Yacht!
An exclusive Mediterranean cruise, with a possibility for the qualified Club Member* to take an accompanying person**, is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind while having inspiring business discussions that are sure to bear fruit in the future. You will spend 4 days (3 nights) on our unique yacht, so you will have plenty of time for entertainment and self-development. Full board, unique atmosphere, commemorative outfits and countless attractions await DuoLife Founders Club participants.
Be sure to take a look at how we spent our time during DuoLife Founders Club 2021, and see why you should join us!

Who can apply to qualify for the DuoLife Founders Club 2022?
The DuoLife Founders Club qualification is open to Top Leaders of the DuoLife Club from the Regional Manager level up. Qualification for individual Manager/Director positions is based on the criteria for the highest attained position on the day prior to the start of the qualification process, meaning: 15.09.21.
In this regard, the only exceptions are:
Club Members who have not reached the Regional Manager position by 15/09/21 – in their case, the qualification as per the criteria for Regional Manager is applicable, subject to attaining the minimum Regional Manager position by the end of the qualification period i.e. 15.02.22.
Club members who joined the DuoLife Club after 16.09.21 – new Club Members may enter the competition and be qualified, provided they achieve the minimum Regional Manager position by the end of the qualification period, i.e. 15.02.22.
Note: Each Vice President, President and Global President of the DuoLife Club who has attained the Presidential position during the DuoLife Founders Club qualification period is automatically invited to join the cruise.
What is the basis for awarding qualifications for the DuoLife Founders Club 2022?
Qualification to participate in the DuoLife Founders Club is based on three activities, such as growth momentum1, personal recruitment2, personal promotions3. A qualifying member's overall grade is the sum of points earned in each category-activity.
The weighted contribution of each category/activity to the overall rating for each position is as follows:
Position in career
structure as of 15.09.2021
Personal recruitment2 Personal promotions3 Total
Regional Manager 66% 17% 17% 100%
Senior Manager 70% 15% 15% 100%
Regional Director 76% 12% 12% 100%
National Director 78% 11% 11% 100%
International Director 80% 10% 10% 100%
General Director 92% 8% - 100%
Qualification rating categories for each activity:
1. Dynamics of business growth*** – percentage increase in turnover of the Club Member's organization in the open line and the entire organization (on an SP-to-SP comparison basis). The Base Settlement Period is that preceding the qualifying period, i.e., 16.08 to 15.09.21. (96 SPs).
2. Personal recruitment – the number of personally recommended Club Members and Preferred Customers during the qualification period.
3. Personal promotions - points are awarded for achieving a higher position during the qualifying period. Points are earned for each rank achieved according to the table below.

Regional Manager
1 points

Senior Manager
2 points

Regional Director
4 points

National Director
8 points

International Director
16 points

General Director
32 points

During the qualifying period, participants must have monthly business-level own activity (at least 500 points). Open Line Turnover shall not be 0 (zero) during any Qualifying Settlement Period.
For Club Members who have not attained Regional Manager status by 15.09.2021 or have joined the DuoLife community after 16.09.2021, only those periods in which the qualifying Club Member was settled at least as a Regional Manager will be counted toward the qualifying Settlement Periods, and the sum of the ratios will be divided by the number of Settlement Periods in which the Club Member was settled at least as a Regional Manager.
For Club Members who have attained the position of at least a Regional Manager by 15.09.2021, qualifying Settlement Periods will include those in which the qualifying Club Member was settled according to his/her highest attained position as of 15.09.2021, and the sum of the ratios will be divided by the number of all (five) qualifying Settlement Periods.
What are the prize awarding terms and conditions for the DuoLife Founders Club 2022?
The prize, a cruise aboard a DuoLife Yacht, will be awarded to the top two Club Members from each position, from Regional Manager to General Manager, according to the rules below.

Regional Manager
2 prizes

Senior Manager
2 prizes

Regional Director
2 prizes

National Director
2 prizes

International Director
2 prizes

General Director
2 prizes

After compression during the third and fourth Settlement Periods that fall during the Qualification Period, DuoLife will announce the TOP 20 Club Members for each position, listing the names in alphabetical order.
The DuoLife Founders Club project is global, which means that the promotion is available to all DuoLife Club members. Qualified Club Members are obliged to come to the embarkation site at their own expense. Anticipated sailing date: late April/early May 2022.
We strongly encourage you to take the challenge. Enter the fray to qualify for the DuoLife Founders Club and embark on an adventure cruise with us soon!
Let your every day be a special day...
Prizes awarded to winners may be taxable, the obligation to pay amounts due is the sole responsibility of the winners.
DuoLife S.A. reserves the right to modify the Qualification at any time, and reserves the right to interpret the rules and prizes. All decisions made by DuoLife S.A. are final.
* Qualified Club members must comply with DuoLife Policies and Regulations. No proceedings may be pending against a Club Member in the Compliance Department.
In the event that a qualifying Club Member will be a company, one prize will be awarded per company.
**An accompanying person cannot be a Club Member, unless they are in a relationship (shared household) with a qualifying Club Member.
***Calculated based on a weighted average of the components: open-line turnover growth, organization-wide turnover growth.
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