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Dear Club Members,
at DuoLife we have been operating in line with the vision "from Poland Worldwide" for years now. This concept has long since become reality; today we are present in many foreign markets, but we do not stop there! We want to continue growing and conquer new places - this time on other continents - which will open further benefits to our Club Members!
To facilitate the ordering process and simplify the activities at the DuoLife Club for our Club Members outside Europe, on 17.07.2020 we will implement a special Global zone, which the following countries will be moved to in the initial stage:
United Arab Emirates,
South Africa,
Below we present the most important rules that will apply in the new zone.
I Currency
Starting on 17.07.2020, the currency for purchases and settlements in these countries will be the US dollar (USD).
On July 17, 2020, the funds accumulated in Virtual Wallets by Club Members from said countries will be converted from PLN to USD according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland from the previous business day. All transactions registered in the Virtual Wallet as well as the current balance will be converted.
From 17.07.2020, all commissions under the Compensation Plan will be calculated in USD in line with the conversion rate of 1 pt = 0.25$.
II Product price list
The new price list, applicable in the Global zone, includes prices in USD. You can read the details in Download in the Global Shipment pricelist. 
III Shipments
All shipments to these countries will be carried out from warehouses in Poland. Due to different delivery rates to individual countries, shipping costs in the Global zone will be priced individually according to the package weight and delivery address.
How does it look in practice?
Step 1. Placing an order
A Club Member places an order for selected DuoLife products, chooses the option of delivery by FedEx or UPS, and the system does not charge delivery costs at this stage.
Step 2. Order Fee
A Club Member pays the order fee according to the selected payment method.
Step 3. Delivery costs
The DuoLife Orders Department evaluates the cost of delivery of a given order to the address indicated in the purchase form and adds a new order (invoice) for the payment of delivery costs in the given Member's panel.
Step 4 Payment of the delivery costs
The Club Member pays for the second order so in this case the shipment cost.
Step 5. Shipment
DuoLife Office makes a shipment of the order to the indicated address.
IV Loyalty Bonus
We have prepared a Loyalty Bonus for Business at 500 points for Club Members in the Global zone. By maintaining monthly Business at this business level, Club Members receive loyalty rewards in the form of products from the second Billing Period! You can read the detailed list below.
- In the event of interruption of continuity of one's Business at the level of min. 500 points, the Bonus calculation starts from the beginning, i.e. from the first Settlement Period in accordance with the above graphic.
- The current 250-point Customer Loyalty Bonus will be withdrawn.
- If, at the time of implementing the new Loyalty Bonus, a Club Member was on their way to receive a prize according to the old logic, they will be able to choose which Loyalty Bonus they would like to use with the order.
Changes in the system will be carried out on the night of 16-17 July at 00:00 - 6:00. We kindly ask you to minimize the use of the system during the technical works, as access may be limited. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Should you have questions or concerns regarding the Global Zone, please contact us! DuoLife… from Poland Worldwide!
Let your every day be a special day…
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