First two DuoLife products underwent a notification process in Belgium

Dear Club Members, ,
In order to provide you with access to the wide range of DuoLife products, we regularly carry out processes to introduce them to a given market. We do it for you, so you can offer DuoLife products without any restrictions and effectively build your own business. div>
Therefore, we are very happy to inform you that two DuoLife products - Keratin Hair Complex and Collagen - have undergone a notification process on the Belgian market. Thus, you have new opportunities to grow your business. .
We strongly encourage you to use our offer, make purchases and constantly develop your own structure .
Let every day be a special day …
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Rita Van Hoorde

Super mais qu'entendez-vous par processus de notification. Y-a-t'il des documents officiels ???

Rita Van Hoorde 10/28/19, 11:05:04 AM