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Even more #EcoDuo at DuoLife! New packaging of DuoLife Day & Night toothpastes

Dear Club Members,
successive realisation of the #EcoDuo strategy has brought new pro-ecological solutions that we have decided to implement. Considering the care for natural environment, we're changing the packaging of DuoLife Beauty Care Day & Night toothpastes, which from now on will be even more eco-friendly!
New packaging of
DuoLife Day & Night toothpastes
We are changing the world for
the better together with #EcoDuo.
The following changes will be implemented to the new packagings:
a PVC window will be removed, which will make it easier to recycle the box;
reduced paper consumption during the production process (about 50% less);
reduced dimensions which will also influence safety during transport (lower risk of packaging damage) and user comfort.
New solutions comprise yet another element of the #EcoDuo strategy, whose main aim is caring for our planet and setting groundbreaking trends within the environmental protection field. We want to be the best company for the world and live in clean, healthy, and friendly reality which we create. That's why every day - for example by modifying the packagings of our products - we are changing for the better!
What's more, we plan more proecological activities that will be soon implemented - make sure to follow our website and social media channels. Let’s all be #EcoDuo!

Dear Club Member!

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Jan Barcewicz

Z niecierpliwością czekam na powrót Piurif - marka, która doskonale pasuje do #EcoDuo

Jan Barcewicz 3/29/22, 9:16:14 PM