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We proudly present you another new DuoLife products ‑ DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Liquid Hand Soap and DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Daily Shampoo, which are the result of cooperation between Małgorzata Karpińska-Trojanowska, M.Sc., and our Scientific Council, headed by its Chairman, Piotr Kardasz, Ph.D. (Hon.). Both products form an integral part of the new umbrella brand of aloe cosmetics, initiated by the DuoLife Aloes dietary supplement, which was developed by Piotr Kardasz, Ph.D. (Hon.).
DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Liquid Hand Soap 200ml
The unique liquid hand soap with the properties of a balm. It not only shows a cleansing and refreshing effect, but also cares for the hand skin, which is exposed to a number of external factors every day. DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Liquid Hand Soap is a unique composition of pre-, pro- and postbiotics that improves the microbiome of skin, and as it contains natural sunflower oil rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it nourishes the skin and helps to increase its elasticity. It makes the chapped, degreased and dry skin healthy and impressively smooth.
94% natural product
It fully cares for the skin of the hands, thanks to the unique composition of the active serum with pre-, pro- and postbiotics
3-stage conditioning process.
Deep sea water rich in useful minerals
The secret of DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Liquid Hand Soap lies in the 3-stage conditioning process, which rebuilds the microbiome, stimulates the skin's immunity, provides it with a dose of good flora, as well as ensures relief, rest and adequate regeneration.
- probiotics, i.e. living organisms, extremely helpful for the skin microbiome, present in the product in the form of Lactobacillus cells.
- through prebiotics, i.e. substances that can be used by beneficial bacteria, for which they are a medium. In addition to affecting the microbiome, prebiotics also moisturise and protect the skin.
- postbiotics - that are substances produced by these positive microorganisms (probiotics), contribute to a protective effect on the skin. These are amino acids, B vitamins, antioxidants, organic acids (including lactic acid).
The new DuoLife product also features the high effectiveness confirmed by research. 100% of respondents confirm that DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Liquid Soap improves hand skin hydration and that it does not dry out the skin. Staggering 95% of them believe that the soap softens the epidermis, and after using it, the skin remains smooth and chapped and calloused skin appear much less frequently.
The effects brought by DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Liquid Soap are delivered by the perfect composition of active ingredients: aloe vera extract, honey extract, oregano extract, aurafirm P and honey. The product also uses sea water from the Atlantic coast with a high content of minerals. The product's naturalness index amounts to even 94.6%.
Unique properties are also the main distinguishing feature of the second product from the new umbrella brand -
DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Daily Shampoo 220ml.
This shampoo with a irresistibly pleasant scent moisturises, nourishes and cleanses the hair and scalp. Additionally, DuoLife Beauty Care Daily Shampoo makes hair shiny and smooth, and makes it easier to detangle.
Natural apple cider vinegar – fully cares for the hair, making it shine, easily combed and smooth
Conditioner based on oat proteins – shows a strong moisturising and nourishing effect.
3-stage detoxification and care process
The shampoo does not contain SLS, SleS, synthetic conditioners such as Polyquaternium (quaternary ammonium salts) or dyes. It does not contain GMOs.
85% natural product.
The brand new DuoLife product is ideal for all hair types. It perfectly counteracts the effects of external factors, such as wind, sun or salt water, as well as the undesirable effects of various forms of styling and hairdressing practices. The axis of its operation is a 3-stage detoxification and care process.
- thanks to the use of active ingredients, such as horsetail extract or nettle extract, the scalp is thoroughly cleansed of excess sebum, dust, dirt and other residual substances. After the first wash, we feel refreshed and deeply cleaned.

– bamboo extract and Siberian ginseng extract, included in the product's ingredients have antibacterial and antioxidant properties and strongly strengthen the hair bulbs, preventing its loss. Do not disturb the natural pH of the skin.
– the conditioner created on the basis of oat proteins and natural apple cider vinegar makes the hair smooth. Thanks to them, the hair becomes shiny, bouncy and easier to comb. The conditioner also prevents hair loss.
The high efficiency of DuoLife Beauty Care Aloe Daily Shampoo is an effect that was achieved thanks to the perfect blend of active ingredients: natural apple cider vinegar, bamboo extract, nettle extract, Siberian ginseng extract, aloe vera extract, horsetail extract, hyaloat. Developed under the supervision of best experts, Formula 24/7™ draws from the beneficial properties of active substances to cleanse, refresh and moisturise the skin. The naturalness index of DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Daily Shampoo amounts to staggering 85%.
Both new products are the perfect complement to the DuoLife Aloes dietary supplement. By combining the advantages of a liquid formula with unique properties of shower gel, and now also of shampoo and soap, you will comprehensively take care of your health and proper skin condition.
Let yourself be surprised by your own beauty with a multi-level care ritual, perfect for your skin.
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Also, we would like to add that at the initial stage the products will not be available in Ukraine, the countries of the Eurasian Customs Union and in the zone covering Canada and the USA.
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