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DuoLife S.A. was ranked in the prestigious Gazele Biznesu ranking for the third time in a row!


Dear Club Members,

With great pleasure, we would like to announce that DuoLife S.A. has been included in the prestigious “Gazele Biznesu” ranking (Polish: “Business Gazelles”), prepared by the renowned “Puls Biznesu” magazine, for the third time in a row!

The award that our company received is also the result of your hard work and commitment. DuoLife would not be where it currently is without you. We would like to express our sincere gratitude, and we are confident that we will conquer more peaks together!

Let your every day be a special day…

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Comments (19)
Paweł Łaszewski

Mega Gratulacje

Paweł Łaszewski 1/10/23, 1:43:52 PM
Danuta Książek

wielkie gratulacje :-)

Danuta Książek 1/10/23, 2:19:16 PM
Iveta Skrastina

It is great pleasure and satisfaction to be part of this success. Congratulations to the company and all of us!

Iveta Skrastina 1/10/23, 3:03:34 PM
Gunita Serbakova

Congratulations to all us. And a big Thank you for givin this chanse for so many puipls in the world!

Gunita Serbakova 1/10/23, 3:25:28 PM
Anita Bedrīte

Congratulations to all! I am proud to be a DuoLife company and improve lives!

Anita Bedrīte 1/10/23, 4:18:52 PM
Jelena Vecele

Прекрасный показатель, только вперед, браво!

Jelena Vecele 1/10/23, 5:29:31 PM
Viesturs Lazda

Great news, I am proud of it! Glad I am with DuoLife!

Viesturs Lazda 1/10/23, 6:01:31 PM
Sandra Grabowska


Sandra Grabowska 1/10/23, 7:59:10 PM
Lucyna Dutkowska


Lucyna Dutkowska 1/10/23, 8:19:31 PM
Lucyna Dutkowska


Lucyna Dutkowska 1/10/23, 8:20:09 PM
Inga Cimanska

Great news! I'm proud to be part of Duolife!

Inga Cimanska 1/10/23, 8:42:19 PM
Marita Liepina

I am proud and congratulate everyone who makes efforts and makes dreams come true with their enthusiasm!

Marita Liepina 1/10/23, 10:05:30 PM
Roman Caban


Roman Caban 1/10/23, 11:57:54 PM
Sanita Beināre

Wonderful news! I am sincerely glad that I am in this company. Thanks DuoLife!

Sanita Beināre 1/11/23, 9:29:05 AM
Sandra Springe

Great news! It s a pleasure to be in the Duolife company!

Sandra Springe 1/11/23, 7:08:16 PM

Congratulations to all !!!!

SVETLANA TORLINA 1/11/23, 7:46:15 PM
Hutu Cristina


Hutu Cristina 1/11/23, 8:32:42 PM
Olga i Andrej Sancevic

Мы в правильном месте!

Olga i Andrej Sancevic 1/12/23, 10:01:22 AM
Ihor Kravchenko

Круто! В в правильном месте в правилтное время

Ihor Kravchenko 1/12/23, 12:04:14 PM